2 Vital Points to Consider When Hiring a Data Engineer

With the digital marketing age in full swing and complete technological migration becoming a must-comply for all firms, it’s more vital than ever to have a data engineer in your business. While many may argue that there are other IT-related positions that need to be filled as you make the full digital switch, data engineers remain a top priority because of their roles. 

Often seen as the main orchestrator of any business’s chance at using the rise of technology and data work to their advantage, these professionals are the masterminds behind the virtual architectures that the world runs on today. In fact, data engineering remains one of the fastest-growing job roles in the tech industry, with positional demand remaining at a groundbreaking 33 to 50 percent yearly. 

Amid the constant developments that have been taking place, many businesses still need a trained and learned professional to help ease the transition. If you’ve been working double-time to make the full switch towards a future of effective and profitable operations, then you may have also been working to attract and retain talent for this vital role. 

With all this talk about the importance of having a skilled data engineer in your team, there’s one question that you must answer: “How can you find the best data engineer to help your business grow and adapt?”

Key pointers to consider during the hiring process

Although hiring is a fairly subjective matter when it comes to exercising best practices that will make the most difference, there are a few universal approaches that you can rely on. If you find yourself in a position wherein your IT department is evolving quickly and is still without a data engineer to spearhead your information work, here are a few tips that you can use:

1. Benchmark before all else

The thing about data engineers today is that they know what value they’re bringing to the table for any business, thanks to the demand figures being made known in reports aplenty. Well, the key takeaway that you should see from all of this is that these very same professionals have higher standards for salary and employment packages, and these expectations are touted to grow by the day.

Based on a research endeavor by Stott and May, Simply Business Director of Data Dani Sola Lagares believes that salary-related matters take up most of the concern that professionals have today. Thankfully, taking the time to benchmark your salary before coming up with your final offer will allow you to have a much easier time recruiting top talent, especially if you look at these factors:

  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Allowances and other bonus packages
  • Additional benefits (such as gym memberships and other minor incentives)

2. Paint a picture of what roles they’re bound to play

Beyond money matters and competitive packages, the one critical factor that many data engineers are looking for when going over different job offers is a clearly-defined role. When you compare them with older seasoned professionals in certain specializations, data engineers today are from a younger crowd—the same crowd that has placed a premium on living a life of meaningful work.

When it comes to “meaningful work,” it’s worth noting that this concept pertains to the ability to provide a concrete sense of the projects that a job candidate will be working on and the stakeholders they’ll service. Thankfully, making an effort to provide a detailed and realistic job description on Technical Paradigm will allow you to attract more competent professionals that won’t pass up on your offer!


In today’s digitally-driven world, where the need for technological advancement is more widespread than ever, it pays to have a data engineer that will help you remain sharp with your systems. Fortunately, you won’t need to struggle with finding the best candidate to fill the role because following this guide can make all the difference!

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