Project Based Staffing

Project-Based Staffing

Does your organization need to temporarily increase the size of your team on a project-by-project basis? Do you need to recruit skilled IT employees, but don’t have the resources to hire them on a permanent basis? Project-based staffing allows organizations like yours to rapidly scale up their teams to help tackle a large project, and then return to a reduced staff when the project is completed.

Attracting skilled IT professionals for short-term projects can be a challenge. A common organizational mistake is to hire a permanent employee for a project, and after the project is finished, not have enough work to justify their salary. These employees typically wind up being reassigned to tasks they are unsuited for, which can lead to job dissatisfaction and employee turnover. Either of these outcomes results in wasted budget that could have been put to use elsewhere.

At Technical Paradigm, we connect businesses with experienced IT professionals — on a per-project basis — to help you succeed. The flexibility of being able to access a skilled IT talent pool on demand through RaaS (recruiting-as-a-service) has helped our partners achieve optimal outcomes in a variety of industries.

The Project Staffing Process

The project staffing process is simple. Let us know how many employees you need, the desired qualifications, and the expected duration of the project. Then we connect you with a group of qualified employees, and you select the individuals that would best complement your existing team.

The Benefits of Project-Based Staffing

  • Flexibility
    The most important benefit of temporary IT staffing is flexibility. Hiring an employee temporarily allows you to increase or decrease the size of your team as needed, allowing you to ramp up staff at the start of a project, and strategically taper the number of employees down as you reach the project’s finish line.
  • Efficiency
    Searching for temporary IT employees that are tailored to your needs is a huge obstacle. Recruiting, evaluating, and interviewing potential hires can become a project in itself. We streamline that process by matching available employees from our existing talent pool and delivering a tailored group of IT professionals for you to choose from.
  • Economical
    Saving money on labor wherever possible is essential to running an effective business. The ability to hire an IT employee on-demand saves you money. Apart from the savings involved in the recruitment process, temporary IT staffing allows you to spend on labor only when you need it.

Choose Technical Paradigm for Your Project-Based Staffing Needs

Technical Paradigm works exclusively in the IT space and has connected businesses both large and small with temporary IT staff to expand their workforce on a per-project basis. We have the experience and ability in this field to source, evaluate, and deliver high-caliber staff to assist your teams. Let us help you complete your next project!

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