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You’re probably aware that having live chat on your website improves customer acquisition and retention. That live chat allows customers to quickly request help, or receive product information. And that having automatic chat responses can increase sales, and prevent a customer from abandoning their cart.

All of these benefits of live chat are great, but you may wonder how difficult implementing live chat for your website would be. Technical Paradigm has created a simple, easy-to-use chat program that allows you to communicate with customers visiting your site, which can replace more expensive chat options, which saves you both time and money.

Here are the key features of Technical Paradigm’s messaging platform:

Customer-Facing Chat

Our messaging solution easily integrates with your website, allowing your team to communicate with customers or prospective clients. The app can be customized to match your website’s design, along with your company’s logo.

Internal Chat

Similar to Slack, our internal chat feature allows colleagues to message with one another, collaborate over long distances, and share files. By providing seamless communication, our internal chat improves efficiency among teams and project stakeholders.

Mobile App

In addition to the web version, our messaging platform is available as a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. Employees can access the messaging solution while on the go.

Centralized Communication

At times, internal discussions can become “siloed” with some appearing in one chat program, or in an email, or instant message. With our centralized messaging app, all of the conversations are located in one place, so nothing gets missed.

Contact Centers

Tap into a 24-hour team of customer service representatives, available on-demand to help you scale and respond to customer needs. Round-the-clock support can be made available even when your internal team isn’t.

Additional Platform Integration

Easily add additional platforms like Facebook, Google, or SMS to stay connected to customers. No matter how the customer chooses to engage with you, all of their messages will live in a single location.

Website Visitor Notification

Get an alert when someone visits your website, so you can respond to them with live chat. Introduce them to your brand, tell them about any sales or limited-time offers, or answer questions.

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Streamline your company’s communications both internally within your teams, and externally with customers, by using our integrated messaging solution. Say farewell to Slack and Zoom, and focus your communication all in one place. Your organization can save more than 80% on costs when compared to popular messaging options with our customizable messaging plugin.

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