Job Seeking FAQs

How can I get started working in IT jobs?

Information technology is a field with plenty of career prospects. There are thousands of roles in various companies looking for talented professionals seeking career growth! 

You can start your journey by joining staffing firms like Technical Paradigm—we connect IT specialists with tech companies. Whether you are looking for on-site, remote, full-time, part-time, or contractual work, we are bound to have something that fits your career plans and skills.

What kind of positions do IT staffing agencies fill?

At Technical Paradigm, we are interested in locating information technology professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable in bringing innovations and digital enhancements.

We are always looking for the best talent in emergent fields focused on smart technologies. Our recruiters have experience connecting professionals and companies for roles in Big Data, Data Science, IT and Cyber Security, Infrastructure, Enterprise Architecture, Software Development and Engineering, Cloud Computing, DevOps, BlockChain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and more.

Does Technical Paradigm charge for services?

Not at all! We believe that you cannot put a price tag on finding the best job for a person. Our applicants or candidates do not pay anything for our services. We do not ask for placement fees; we are motivated by the prospect of helping you find the perfect role and company.

How long does candidate placement take?

Our recruiters are all eager to have you on board as soon as possible, and we always aim to balance strategic IT staffing with quick turnaround times. Since we have a pool of experienced and skilled recruiters, we are confident that we can place you with a company ready to hire you after you pass all the recruitment stages.

After passing the screening process, how would I know about job openings?

Once you pass the recruitment stages, one of our staffing specialists will contact you regarding relevant opportunities. Technical Paradigm’s top seed recruiters can place your CV in the hands of hiring managers. 

They ensure that your profile will be in the spotlight and have the best shot at landing the role by highlighting the best aspects of your skills and career. They can also give you insider knowledge about the IT job market and related topics, having been in the field for many years.

I’ve submitted my CV or resume. What happens next?

After you’ve submitted your resume, we will send you an email and a message and schedule a phone call to get to know you better. At Technical Paradigm, we are not just an IT staffing agency; consider us your friends! To help you land your dream job, we would like to learn more about your stories, personal background, and professional goals. 

Every day, we have various opportunities coming in from dozens of clients. Since we are the leader in networking with start-up companies in the Midwest, we are always fielding opportunities in companies that specialize in niche technologies.

You can also reach out to our team at any point in the recruitment stage. You can contact us through phone or e-mail; we’re always excited to hear from you!

Your Success is Our Success

Building a company primed for growth means staffing it with skilled and reliable team members. Time is crucial in the highly competitive IT talent market, which is why it’s a good idea to leave the task of searching, testing, vetting, and interviewing candidates to us. In doing so, you’ll get to focus on what genuinely matters—running your business to the best of your ability.
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