Our Partners

We deliver value to our clients through trusted, world-renowned partners. Our collaboration with these businesses makes it possible to provide industry-leading technical recruitment services while minimizing risks and overhead costs. Learn more about them below.  


The world’s Recruitment Hub for premier businesses, NPAworldwide has mobilized countless recruitment firms with a robust support network and tools to accelerate their performance metrics. Members of NPAworldwide are well-placed to manage all of your recruitment needs in the IT sector, regardless of geography.

With firms located throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia – NPAworldwide connects you to the world’s talent pool. Technical Paradigm oversees the fintech group and has placed over 1 million dollars’ worth of candidate salaries within the program.


People 2.0

People 2.0 is the world’s largest workplace-deployment platform that empowers businesses by taking on the challenging role of EOR (employer of record). This means they will take on the legal responsibility of employees, ensure regulatory compliance, and manage payroll as well as workers’ benefits.

People 2.0 takes is an international market leader which enables them to drive down the costs of global payroll. As a preferred partner, Technical Paradigm is able to find and place candidates for any of our clients locations.


Mand Consulting Group

Mand Consulting offers cyber-resilience best practices, advanced system securities, and network expertise help to businesses navigate the evolving threat landscape of digital technologies.

It combines vulnerability exploitation to prioritize cybersecurity in their specific threat landscape. Mand Consulting delivers complete security management processes which are crucial for any truly secure environment. As a direct partner Mand consulting group provides existing Technical Paradigm a wide range of services ranging from mobile/web application penetration tests to wireless penetration testing.


Node 40

Node 40 is the modern cryptocurrency accounting and reporting solution. It directly integrates with all major exchanges to simplify tax calculation and portfolio tracking for businesses.  They are more than just your average off-the-shelf corporate accounting solution and provide complete tax compliance and full visibility for accurate auditing.



Esteem Coaching is a global leader in talent development and career transition. Their one-on-one coaching with clients has shown significant improvements at both a personal and organizational level, to the point where clients are several steps ahead of their competitors.


WSC Consulting

WSC Consulting provides businesses with the implementation of procurement practices to increase cost savings and minimize compliance expenses. It updates procedures, policies, and contract templates to boost procurement practices. Their principal consultant, William oversees all cloud project-based staffing projects for Technical Paradigm. William is both an AWS and Azure certified Cloud architect.



Rake simplifies business messaging for corporate clients and improves workflows for engaging conversations that deliver results. It is the only messaging-as-a-platform company that provides a seamless connectivity platform for stakeholders (both internal and external) in any organization.

It includes a chat widget to engage with website visitors and team communication features with omnichannel chat and direct messages. Technical Paradigm customizes for free the chat widgets on any of our clients web pages.



Otomo is a cash management toolkit for fintech companies and banks. It helps financial institutions provide customized banking services that are designed to adapt to the needs of the end-user while boosting profits for all of their partners. Platforms that use Otomo find it easier to engage customers with their products and services.



HackerOne is a security platform that connects organizations with ethical hackers, penetration testers, and leading researchers in the cybersecurity space.

Comprised of some of the most sought after ethical hackers in the world, the HackerOne team provides mobile application, web application, and infrastructure penetration tests. HackerOne was founded in 2012 with offices around the world, including San Francisco, London, and the Netherlands.


Cloud After Dark

Cloud After Dark is a popular cloud academy for individuals and corporations. It accelerates progress for professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of cloud tools in the AWS industry. They are trusted by leading businesses to deliver continuous learning solutions across Amazon Web Services and the Cloud as a whole. Cloud After Dark, focuses on helping underrepresented talent communities. They have been a great partner to Technical Paradigm, helping diversify our clientele workforce.


Test Dome

Test Dome performs pre-employment screening tests for businesses for technical skills such as coding and information technology. Their unique tests have allowed more than 7,000 organizations to evaluate candidates more accurately while saving time and expenses. TestDome uniquely protects against cheating by disabling the ability to copy/paste, email verification and live webcam proctoring.


Hackers for Change

Hackers for Change offers cybersecurity services to charities and non-profits to build healthier organizations. Their mission is to empower charities so they can protect their network systems and maximize the value of their social services. Their services improve digital awareness and digital expertise while raising the bar for cybersecurity.


My Base Pay

My Base Pay offers an affordable hiring platform for recruiting businesses. Their services are aimed at reducing overhead costs associated with time-consuming HR functions such as compliance, payrolls, and recruitment. They provide a turn-key solution for contractors and staffing firms alike. MyBasePay’s AI-powered technology is like having a talent, legal, admin, HR, compliance, and payroll department all rolled into one.


Journey CPAs

Journey CPAs is a modern accounting practice that aims to connect advanced technologies with legacy systems and simplify the financial terrain for businesses.

Journey CPAs recognize that clients expect more than just cookie-cutter suggestions and aim to provide value-added services that help businesses achieve financial and operational success. Journey has provided services for both Technical Paradigm and their clients.