IT Recruiting

IT Recruiting

To accommodate the skyrocketing demand for software developers across the U.S., IT staffing agencies like Technical Paradigm are in greater demand than ever before. As virtual landscapes grow progressively complex, the number of skilled IT professionals isn’t quite meeting the demand for top talent.  

Even more, information technology is no longer a business bonus—it’s a driving force for success. With limited resources, IT staffing requirements are coming up short-handed and unable to shoulder the heavy burden of recruiting the best of the best—this is where we step in.

What IT Recruiting Challenges are Businesses Facing?  

Top technology organizations love a professional with superior skills and years of experience. As such, thousands of candidates are struggling to find work, subject to multiple stringent assessment tests, even for entry-level positions. As talent pools for IT professionals are becoming more and more competitive, companies are inadvertently stunting the growth of future generations of developers.  

Regardless of business size, identifying, recruiting, and retaining the best IT talent is a challenge all organizations have to face. Fast-paced and ever-evolving, the IT industry is experiencing mounting pressure to fill exclusive-level roles for CIO, CITO, and CISO roles with the absolute best.  

How Can We Help? 

To help struggling companies and individuals fill positions, we take a closer look at the budding talent pool for you. Our end goal is to place top-notch individuals in lucrative roles within your company.  

We believe that information technology recruiting should deliver innovative and experienced talent. With the speed of a big box staffing agency and years of experience in Blockchain and Fintech, we navigate niche spaces with precision and care.

How We Employ Our IT Recruiting Solutions 

At some point, companies will need to scale, and in-house management teams can only do so much to cover recruitment. One option is to convert them into full-time recruiters. However, it will be at the expense of core responsibilities.  

Our cheaper alternatives to traditional methods provide an on-demand service that clients can tune preferences according to their needs. Our business models are far more flexible, allowing companies to pay a little at a time rather than shoulder a hefty upfront cost.  

Our recruiters are: 


Regardless of the role that needs filling, our recruiters skew their communication styles according to each client and candidate’s needs. We have a firm grasp of the nature of various roles and are quick to shift our thinking. 

Good Listeners

The most reliable recruiters will listen twice as much as they speak. Our recruiters take the time to get to know both client and candidate as a means to equip them with the right tools.


Our recruiters are judicious with their time. We understand the need to dissect every candidate’s work ethic but also work to produce results as quickly as possible. We want to respect everybody’s time involved in the process.

Professionally Persistent

We rarely recruit even the most ideal candidates on the first call. Our recruiters will take a step back and follow up within the appropriate time frame with the right message and temperament. If we spot what we like, we are persistent without being aggressive, pushy, or disingenuous.

Your Recruitment Success is Our Success

When it comes to scoping a highly competitive IT talent market, time is always of the essence. With us, the task of searching, testing, vetting, and interviewing candidates is off your shoulders. Even better, you’ll get to focus on what genuinely matters—running your business to the best of your ability.  

With Technical Paradigm’s staffing solutions, you can more confidently fulfill your unique staffing needs. By focusing on future generation niche technologies, we know how to source reliable teams. Strategic IT staffing is more than knowing how to recruit—it’s about knowing when to reach out to the right partner to help lift the burden.

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