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As your hiring partner, Technical Paradigm can provide you with a strategic technical recruiting solution that helps your business keep up with emerging innovations. As the global talent pool becomes increasingly skilled and more challenging to penetrate, it’s vital to stand out as a tech firm that potential candidates want to work with. With our hiring capabilities, you can easily expect the following guarantees. 

Top-Performing Expertise

Our agency has the time and resources to stay up-to-date regarding recruiting trends and movements. Each recruiter specializes in multiple career fields, developing deeper connections between employers and potential candidates. Through the insight we gain working with diverse personalities and unique company cultures, narrowing the playing field is natural to us. 

Minimized Risks

Effectively placing a qualified candidate is a two-step process. By training the candidate first, we can help you determine whether you’re satisfied enough to offer a permanent role. By getting to know each potential hire, we can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and qualify the perfect fit. This trial period minimizes the risk of placing an employee who may not satisfy your needs in the future. 

An Expansive Talent Pool 

We know the importance of having access to an ever-growing network of available tech talent. Depending on your terms of agreement, we can facilitate background checks, verify references and recommendations, and look into educational history. We tap into potential candidates with industry-specific training, enabling quick responses during the hiring process. 

Temporary Talent Slots

Some hiring managers only need an extra set of hands during a peak work cycle and choose to accommodate temporary talent. If you need to cover a current employee’s absence or need a flexible option for when long-term positions remain unclear, we can put together a temporary team that best suits your needs. 

As more candidates enter the workforce, low unemployment rates intensify the need for temporary help, forcing employers to compete for permanent positions as the talent pool shrinks. As such, we can help managers fill a swift need for workload balancing without wasting time on full-time hires. 

We Partner for Success

Our thoughtfulness, expertise, and efficiency work to dramatically improve your end-to-end hiring process. We focus on better, faster hiring through a tech-forward approach that incorporates innovative recruitment tools to connect you with skilled individuals who make a much-needed addition to your permanent or temporary workforce. We thoroughly vet every candidate and get to know each individual before making a hiring recommendation. 

Expand with Technical Paradigm

Regardless of your industry and development stage, we can streamline your recruiting efforts for the smoothest possible transition. We don’t just provide you with options—we get to know your business and its services to determine the specific IT solutions you’re after and how best to incorporate them into your strategy. 

We care for our clients as much as you care for yours. Thus, your success is our ultimate goal, whether it be through IT recruiting-as-a-service (RaaS) or project-based staffing. Contact us today to find out how we can best fulfill your technical requirements.

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