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With the right technology and expertise, we enable any business to leverage BI and analytics to better understand advertising, sales, and their customers. Properly understanding data can be transformative for a business. Collecting data is easy — it’s being passively collected through various business efforts — but without the proper data analysis, it’s impossible to make that information valuable, and actionable for your organization. At Technical Paradigm, we offer BI and Big Data consulting based on your budget, timeline, and specifications in order to utilize the data you need for informed decision-making.

What is Data Analytics?

Implementing a business intelligence solution involves using data to more effectively achieve mission objectives. Thus, it is a component of business intelligence, offering a comprehensive view into your processes. Data Analytics is the process of sorting, associating, and examining datasets to support decision-making, and extract valuable insights. Data analysis techniques can include specialized software, and even machine learning to sift through data and provide conclusions. Understanding your data can make your business more efficient, increase sales, brainstorm new products or services, retain customers, and more. Types of data that are commonly analyzed can include product sales, seasonal changes, profit margins, customer habits, or employee productivity. Comparing these data points, and organizing them into datasets to reach conclusions is the process of data analytics.

Data & Analytics Assessment and Roadmap

The data and analytics assessment identifies the current data analysis activities occurring in your organization, and compares it to best practices being deployed in your industry. Based on these insights, a roadmap is created to better collect and leverage analytics, along with prioritizing business goals to maximize the return on investment that will be gleaned from future data analytics.

Data Preparation

Before data analytics can be presented in a KPI report, the data must first be prepared and processed. Data preparation is the process of sorting data, and removing irrelevant data prior to the beginning of analysis. The goal of data preparation is to define the organization’s goals, identify the relevant data sources, and combine the datasets that will answer the questions required to reach each particular goal.

AI & Analytics

Managing extremely large sets of data can be impractical. Artificial intelligence is used in analytics to sort through data much more efficiently than a human could analyze it. Another benefit to AI is that it can analyze incoming data streams in real-time, as opposed to weekly or monthly analysis. Using machine learning to process your organization’s data can quickly highlight trends, and transform them into actionable data.

More Services

Data Governance

Protecting the data of your company, and your clients, is essential to running a successful business. Additionally, data governance is increasingly becoming a legal requirement in many countries. We can collaborate with you to ensure that your data is being managed, shared, and protected properly, to prevent any legal exposure.

Data & Analytics Enablement

Data enablement is the process of providing individuals and teams in your organization with access to support and analytics tools. This enablement allows them to leverage your data analytics to increase efficiency and discover new opportunities. Driving adoption of data analytics means training employees on the use of analytics, enabling them to participate, and improving business practices.

Power BI Training

Power BI is the world’s most powerful business intelligence platform. Learning how to use Microsoft’s Power BI Tools and connecting different Power BI tools with each other allows you to convert and outline data, model data, and create and publish reports. We provide Power BI training that helps you gain an in-depth understanding of Power BI core concepts and tools. Our certified training partners are professional analytics consultants who will walk you through comprehensive explanations of each Power BI component.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration allows you to safely store your data to a remote, secure environment. By migrating to the cloud, businesses can collaborate better, and reduce data storage costs.

If your company is in need of data analytics services, contact Technical Paradigm today to discuss the benefits and potential of BI and Data Analytics.

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