3 Characteristics IT Staffing Experts Share—What You Need to Know

In this increasingly digital world, the IT staffing industry has been receiving a steady influx of potential talents looking to fill roles in the industry. Unfortunately, not every single talent in the field can satisfy every role—meaning that not everyone will be good at staffing or recruiting! Fortunately, the most successful talents all share similar characteristics, allowing you to sift through the crowd to discover the right person for the job.

To give you that edge in looking for these experts, here are the characteristics that IT staffing experts share that you need to keep an eye out for:

1. They Listen 

Everyone wants to get their point across—meaning that they tend to blurt lines of exposition that no one really wants to hear. However, with no one listening, nothing gets across! For that reason, listening is a key skill that seems to be highly underrated. However, it is the one skill that all IT staffing professionals will share.

They know that listening is essential—and although such experts are generally extroverted, they will take the time to stay quiet and listen. That said, even after listening, they will delve deeper past the basic questions to hear more about what the people they are conversing with have to say. This ensures that they thoroughly know what the people need to come up with an effective solution.

2. They Can Negotiate

Newbies may assume that they can only take what is served to them on the plate. However, experts know that this is not the case. The world is not quite black and white, and there are a lot of in-betweens that they can try to negotiate for!

Negotiation is really a rare skill, especially in the IT staffing field. However, experts really understand that negotiation is generally always a possible solution, and while there are limits, some negotiations can be made for the benefit of the two parties. This can mean anything from changing the years of experience required to the salary ranges offered to sweeten the deal.

3. They Are Persistent

Many people assume that persistence simply means calling up a prospect once or twice before going somewhere else. However, anyone can do this, and only the pros realize that it takes more than just two calls to make an impact.

When you ask an IT staffing professional what persistence is, they will show you that it is the act of following up on someone repeatedly. In other words, they do not easily give up. They do not do this in an attempt to annoy the prospect—rather, they do it to build a relationship, and one that ends up being long-term. Even if they ultimately get rejected, these pros will keep their heads up and move on, always keeping an eye out for more opportunities to succeed.


There are a few other skills that IT staffing pros share that you can keep an eye out for, from the love for learning to their ability to stay organized. Regardless, the above characteristics are ones that are possessed only by IT staffing pros that ensure your IT company enjoys plenty of success in the industry. 

For that reason, do take your time to look for these characteristics in the experts you want to work with. In fact, apply them all to every talent that comes to work for you! These are general skills that will benefit you no matter who has them and will help ensure success for your business.

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