3 IT Staff Hiring Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Many businesses nowadays invest in IT development to ensure that they can meet their customers’ demands online. For instance, you can see many traditional stores that have transformed their operations to a fully remote setup with an eCommerce store and online procurement software. 

However, all these technological resources can become hindrances if the wrong IT staff is hired. There are costly mistakes in the IT staffing process that entrepreneurs like you can make, and these can ruin your business. As such, you should know what to avoid to ensure that you can gain access to the best technological solutions to meet your business’s needs. 

This article will discuss three common mistakes that entrepreneurs encounter when they hire IT employees. Take this as an opportunity to ensure that you make the best, cost-effective decisions to streamline your business’s operations and maximize profits. 

1. Writing vague job descriptions

Your IT staff need a clear understanding of what kind of technological solutions you need, and all this starts with your job description. You should, at least, be able to speak their IT language to some degree to ensure that you aren’t hiring someone underqualified for your business. 

For example, let’s say you are looking for an app developer for your company. You may identify specific tools for app development, like Xcode and Android Studio. However, you released your recruitment post without talking about your app development staff’s specifics and functions, resulting in job mismatching. 

As such, do your research on IT job positions. Identify what you need and formulate your job descriptions. You can also consult with an IT staffing firm that can provide you with the best advice and candidate suitable for your needs. That way, you can focus on your customer demands and hire the best IT professionals for your company! 

2. Having no IT industry connections 

Your company will have a tough time looking for competent IT staff when you, as an entrepreneur, don’t build any IT industry connections. That’s because the competition within the industry is fierce, and your business may be beaten out by your competitors that have professional ties with reputable IT companies. 

Never hire any IT staff without first having a professional connection with professionals, like through an IT staffing firm’s referrals. You can also cultivate business collaborations that will enable you to explore other ventures and enhance cross-industry relationships. Investing in IT industry relationships ensures that your business is always prioritized when you need new technologies to meet your needs. 

3. Leaving candidates hanging 

There are times when your business is going through a busy quarter, like during the holidays when your customers are actively buying your products and services. That means you may not have the time and energy to focus on your IT hiring process, leaving competent professionals hanging and affecting your professional relationships within the industry. 

As such, commit your IT staffing to a professional firm to ensure that all candidates are well taken care of and quickly hire the staff you need. You can also determine the criteria and get involved in the final interview process to assess your business’s ideal candidate.  


There are many IT staffing mistakes that you can make, affecting your business operations and development. Fortunately, you now have a better idea of what needs to be done to ensure that your hiring process is seamless and fool-proof. Consider the previously mentioned tips and recruit new IT professionals for your business today! 

Technical Paradigm is your professional IT staffing firm in Chicago, determined to help you with your hiring process. We offer recruiting-as-a-service solutions to ensure you can recruit the best IT candidates for your business’s needs. Consult with us to avoid making any hiring mistakes and stick to improving your business operations! 

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