3 Reminders When Choosing the Best IT Staffing Agency

Companies who want to speed up their hiring processes often work with a staffing agency to augment their search. A staffing agency acts as the middleman between workers and employers. They match candidates with companies based on their needs, skills, and other requirements. 

Using a staffing agency can help make your hiring process more manageable while getting you well-qualified candidates at the same time. If you are considering working with a staffing agency for your IT business, here are three things you might want to do to ensure a quality relationship:

#1: Decide if you want a vendor or a partner

An IT staffing company can play either of the two roles for your business. They can be a vendor supplying you with the human resources you need, or they can be your partner or an extension of your business. 

Knowing what you want from an agency will get you a more successful result. For example, looking for a partner means allowing them to help you develop opportunities for your business by contributing based on their expertise and resources. With a role as a vendor, they are only limited to providing you with what you need from them. 

#2: Check the agency background

The IT industry is a highly technical field. As such, you will need an entity with the experience, resources, and knowledge to make your organization’s best recruitment decisions on your behalf. If possible, consider someone who focuses on your particular industry or find an agency that has provided the same service you need.

Here are some business aspects that you can check to ensure the quality of your recruitment:

  • Years of experience (in recruitment and particularly in IT staffing)
  • The types of positions they have filled out
  • The number of their recruited employees every year
  • The number of IT recruiters available to work for your openings
  • The number of IT candidates in their pooling or database

You should also check the staffing agency’s reputation. The quality and reliability of the employee your company will eventually get will depend on them, so you want to make sure that they can represent you well. 

Do your research and ask all the questions you have about their recruitment process to get to know them more.

#3: Determine if you want to prioritize quality or quantity

Cases are different for each company. Some may need to have many trainees and focus on training each as time progresses, while others prioritize skills and experience before hiring anyone. Make sure to decide depending on your situation. Knowing what you want ahead of time can help you determine which best IT staffing company fits your needs!

For example, if quality is your priority among others, here are some of the traits that you should look for in an IT staffing solution provider:

  • They have a good number of in-house professional recruiters
  • They have an end-to-end recruitment process that is meticulous and well-documented
  • They have a higher number of resumes received vs. interviews conducted, which means that they thoroughly inspected every candidate
  • They have a high number of interview vs. hired candidates, which means they carefully selected each candidate 


Consider these three factors when choosing the right staffing agency to work with. Doing so will guarantee that you do not waste your money and time with an agency that does not meet your requirements! By taking the time to screen your choices, you can make a better investment for your business’ future.

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