3 Simple Ways to Attract and Hire Diverse IT Talent

A diverse workforce is happier, more productive, and comes up with more innovative ideas that take IT companies to a higher level. In 2021, hiring and retaining diverse talent is more critical than ever across all industries.

Implicit bias is challenging to recognize, let alone get rid of. IT staffing agencies and internal HR offices all want to believe that they are already as open-minded and welcoming as possible. The truth, however, is that there is always room for improvement. Creating a diverse workforce goes beyond just words and policies. It’s a proactive process that requires genuine commitment from the top down.

Here are three simple ways you can attract and hire diverse IT talent:

1. Do an Internal Check

Before you can seek out diverse talent, you have to take stock of what you already have. Many offices are loaded with employees who encompass a limited demographic. The more aware you are of the problem that you need to fix, the better you will be at creating solutions.

After this internal check, you need to define what diversity means to you. Don’t limit yourself to race and gender—though, of course, both are important. Unfortunately, many companies focus so much on race and gender that other underrepresented groups are overlooked. Physical ability, gender identity, and other intersectional traits should be included in the conversation, too.

Diversity and inclusion are crucial at every level of your company, so you need to be conscious of how you fill all those positions.

2. Address Existing Diversity

Another way to take a long, hard look at your internal processes is to consult with the underrepresented groups you already have in your company. Diversity should not start and end with the hiring process. It should exist and thrive in the day-to-day running of your company, from upper management to the entry-level employees.

You should ensure that you have an environment that’s welcoming to your new hires, no matter their demographic. Believe it or not, this is not automatic in every workplace. This is something that requires conscious choices and thoughtful decisions.

If your organization takes good care of all workers, it becomes a much more attractive option for prospective candidates. It’s not all about policy. It’s about building relationships, too.

3. Remember Inclusive Touchpoints

All potential hires have very limited touchpoints with your company. They have to make decisions based on the wording of your job post, your company website, and your existing social media channels.

One of the simplest ways to attract diverse talent is to be as inclusive as possible regarding your company branding and the language you use for these touchpoints. Simple things like diverse stock photos on your website and inclusive language on your posted job descriptions go a long way in showing employee candidates that you are committed to building a diverse workforce.


Diversity is crucial for any business or organization to thrive. Before you can hope to attract diverse talent, you have to take a good look at what your company looks like today. You need to make sure that your new hires come into an environment where they feel supported and reflected.

Internal policies and external branding will help tremendously in bringing in the new, diverse workforce that will help you succeed.

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