3 Tips to Overcome IT Recruitment Challenges in 2021

In an increasingly digitally-oriented world, tech specialists and IT-related professionals are booming in the industry as businesses demand a sophisticated, up-to-date integrated system to gain a competitive edge. Unfortunately, attracting top talents in a saturated market has always been a struggle. 

Start-ups and technical giants are vying for highly-qualified applicants, but candidates are often of the job market in less than ten days due to the pressing shortages in the landscape. It’s starting to feel like capturing a unicorn with the massive IT talent gap, especially specializations like AR/VR engineering, cloud roles, big data developers, and more. 

If you’re looking to start 2021 off on a strong note, the list below explores some critical recruiting practices that can increase your success in the tech market: 

Tip #1: Reach Out to Candidates and Build a Pool of Strong Talents 

Back in the day, many companies would experience plenty of job-seekers lining their doorstep. In recent years, the rate of unemployed persons for every opening is now at a whopping 0.9, making it costly to wait for applicants to seek your offer. 

To stay ahead and minimize the expenses dedicated to your recruitment, it helps to go outbound and nurture qualified applicants of your own by sourcing high-volume roles. You can do so by creating an attractive outreach email, though dedicating a six-email campaign can boost your average response rate by up to an incredible 46 percent. 

Tip #2: Integrate Automation and Applicant Tracking Systems to Increase Efficiency 

Manually tracking top talent using spreadsheets can be laborious, time-consuming, and leave plenty of room for human error. Instead of eating your recruiters’ day with menial, administrative tasks, introducing digital solutions like an automated, applicant tracking software can do wonders to boost your department’s productivity in more ways than one. 

Leveraging data-driven analytics and tools can streamline the hiring manager experience and enhance your talent acquisition strategy. 

Tip #3: Consider Talent Mobility and Flexible Packages 

In a time of social distancing, companies understand how working from home can be a successful alternative for candidates who thrive in a flexible work environment. With the intensity of the competition in the tech landscape, providing versatile packages can increase your job offer’s appeal. 

Using video technology, for instance, can fast-track the hiring timeframe since it removes any geographical barriers for potential applicants. Opening up to the prospect of building a remote team can also expand your reach, though it helps to determine which roles can effectively work in a mobile arrangement.

The Bottom Line: Finding Innovative Ways to Improve Your Company’s Recruitment Strategy

Heavy-hitting firms in the technology industry are only as good as the talents they hire, but with the growing shortage of tech professionals, finding the best employees to grow your business is harder than ever. 

How Can We Help Bridge the Gap in Your Recruitment Process?

Applicants come and go, but our IT staffing agency in Chicago, IL, can help offer technical recruiting solutions to help start-ups and fortune companies find the perfect talents that suit your business. Get in touch with us today at (1-833-877-8253) to see how you can expand with Technical Paradigm! 

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