3 Tips to Recruiting the Right Passive Candidates for Your IT Department

Technical specialists are some of the booming fields in the IT industry, but while the demand for top talents is at an all-time-high, hiring the top-performing experts is often a hit or miss for both start-ups and large corporations. 

Avid job searchers strive to put out an open position and have a line of qualified applicants ready to move the process forward, but the hard reality is that the best candidates are often employed. 

Known as passive candidates, they’re the group of people who are not actively searching for a job, yet play a pivotal role in building a comprehensive recruiting strategy. It seems counterintuitive, but for companies who don’t have the luxury of waiting around for top-notch aspirants to apply, reaching out to passive candidates can boost your talent pool in more ways than one. 

What are Ways to Recruit Passive Candidates?

Tip #1: Go Beyond Job Boards and Discover Opportunities in Different Social Media Platforms 

Limiting your sources to traditional online job boards can cut off your access to a broader range of potential, passive candidates. Sourcing through popular platforms like LinkedIn can introduce you to high-performing talents in the field, though it’s better to expand your horizon by joining social groups where IT professionals typically gather.

Whether they’re on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, interacting with experts of their trade can help build your rapport, which can boost your offer’s appeal. Leveraging social media’s advanced search functionality can also lead you to high-quality passive candidates who diversify your recruiting efforts. 

Tip #2: Create a Referral Program to Leverage New Hires 

Another way to find and pique the interest of passive candidates is to establish a referral program with your new hires. These fresh recruits often have a goldmine of connections, which is why a whopping 78 percent of recruiters agree that they find their best applicants through word-of-mouth. 

Keep in mind that passive candidates may hesitate to grab the opportunity in your company, but the appeal becomes more evident when your IT roles are offered by a personal connection. 

Tip #3: Incorporate Automation Tools to Optimize Your Sourcing 

Manually sourcing for active and passive candidates can be costly in more ways than one. By incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), this technology can save time and boost your efficiency by using algorithms to forecast your recruitment’s success rate. 

AI technology can also help collect valuable data by looking into your target audience’s social media activity and relevant CV details found on sites like LinkedIn, allowing you to spot potential passive candidates who are likely to make the switch to your company.

The Bottom Line: Tips and Tricks to Successfully Promoting Passive Candidates to Jump Ship 

Sourcing for the right talents to build your team is a time-consuming and complicated process, especially if you consider the volatile job market. Passive candidates offer a whopping 120 percent chance of filling IT roles, making them excellent targets for sourcing your talent pool. 

How Can We Help Bridge the Gap in Your Recruitment Process?

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