3 Top-Level Skills to Look for When Hiring a DevOps Engineer

Seen by most professionals as the “top level of the digital world”, the path to becoming a DevOps engineer is much like its medical counterpart: It entails lots of dedication and time spent learning.

Although there are far fewer DevOps engineers than regular programmers, the demand for competent professionals is much higher than ever because of how digitally-dependent industries are today. In fact, even small businesses require a specialized engineer’s services to keep their frameworks sharp in the long run! 

At this point, you’ve probably considered the possibility of hiring a DevOps specialist for your business as your technological needs continue to grow. After searching through many different professionals who have the potential to ensure that all your digital needs are well taken care of, you’re bound to ask yourself this question: “What are the actual skills that are necessary for becoming a DevOps engineer?”

The different skills you need to watch out for

In recent years, the significant increase in demand for these engineers has caused the number of practicing professionals to surge. While having more professionals is an advantage for the industry, the bigger problem of being unable to pinpoint which skilled worker best suits your needs is one that needs to be considered.

While each engineer has something unique to offer, it’s best to understand that not everyone is made equal because some are more advanced than others are. The bottom line is that there are at least a handful of perfect matches waiting in the ever-growing market among the different available service providers. 

If you want to ensure that your efforts to find the right DevOps engineer will lead to desirable outcomes, here are three key skills to consider during your hiring spree: 

Skill #1: System administration

Given that your business’s technological or IT framework entails dealing with a wide range of management work, it’s safe to say that system administration is a skill that will be useful. 

For DevOps engineers who are looking to impress clients or employers and keep them satisfied, system administration is a crucial skill because it helps ensure that the risks of slowdowns and interruptions are minimized. Once you choose a professional with this skill, you’ll be covered in terms of building, deploying, testing, and inspecting your system to keep it in good health! 

Skill #2: Programming knowledge in various languages

Of course, if you want to ensure you’re setting up your business for a smoother experience with your chosen DevOps engineer, they must come prepared with a strong programming knowledge background. 

A strengthened degree of knowledge in programming and its wide range of languages is critical because it helps ensure that everything runs smoothly and all the gaps are filled and evened out. If your chosen engineer is fluent in your system’s language, you can have easier time spotting problems, preventing issues, and improving workflows in no time! 

Skill #3: Automation 

To most engineers, automation is seen as bread and butter for any professional looking to stand out and blaze a train in their respective workplaces. Whenever an individual is trained in the science of automating continuous and recurring processes (particularly for development and deployment), it is the employer who benefits in the long run without fail! 

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Now that businesses are taking the full-fledged digital route, it’s crucial to ensure that your business is outfitted with a DevOps engineer’s skills and services who can keep everything in shape. By watching out for the three skills mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about settling for an incompetent professional that doesn’t have your best interest at heart ever again!

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