3 Traits of an Expert That Can Migrate Your Cloud Data Safely

Migrating cloud data does not often need to be done immediately for most businesses—but it is one of the most vital operations to get right when it does approach that point. Any mistakes along the line can lead to various issues, like loss of data or compromised data, all of which can put the business in deep trouble legally and financially. 

For that reason, it is always recommended that companies with a lack of IT experience should always hire cloud professionals that are experts at the task. This will give the company the best chances of completing their cloud migration project, storing their data in a fresh and better place to improve their business process.

That being said, picking a cloud expert for the task is not exactly the easiest thing. It is not something that can be done on a whim—plenty of effort must be placed in choosing the right individual. In this article, we will explain what you must look for in a reliable cloud professional:

1. They have the experience to back them up

One of the most critical requirements that many people unfortunately overlook is experience. An individual may claim that they can do this or that—but in the end, all of these are but empty claims as long as they do not have proof of it! 

As such, when looking for talents to assist you in your cloud migration project, have them prove their experience. An excellent way to know that they are experienced is by having them show their certifications. Such certificates are extremely tough to get, and only the best can get them. 

If your talent has a certificate to prove that they know what they are doing, that is a green light to take them on board.

2. They can adapt to your needs

Certifications, licenses, and such are essential to prove that your talent knows what they are doing. However, there is one other thing they need to prove that they can do: the ability to adapt to your needs. 

Remember, your needs are not exactly the same as anyone else. Expectations are different, and the process can change. As such, the individual you want to hire must demonstrate the ability to understand your business and then prepare the right solution that will satisfy your needs. In other words, the cloud expert must be able to give you a bespoke solution to ensure the results are what you expect, if not better!

3. They are experts in security

In the digital world, security and safety must always be number one, and your cloud expert must be well aware of this. In fact, they must prove to you that their methods of conducting the cloud migration project are as secure as they can be. This means that the professional must show that they are experts in a variety of security measures. In this particular aspect, the more solutions they can provide, the better! This is important because the more security layers are placed, the safer the project will be—meaning a lowered risk of getting your data compromised throughout the process.


In summary, you want to work with someone who is experienced, can adapt to your needs, and is a security expert. When the talent you are interested in shows all of these traits, you know that they are an excellent candidate to ensure that your cloud migration project is a success! 

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