3 Types of Cyber Threats That You Must Always Prepare For

In recent years, it is rare to see a business that doesn’t rely on the Internet to get by and capture a significant chunk of their market as they stroll along the path to success.

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop retailer that’s about to get your foot in the door or a large-scale corporation that operates internationally, there’s no doubt that your business is dependent on the web. Thanks to the digital revolution explosion, even the simplest of tasks (such as scheduling appointments) are now performed online.

Although the age of the Internet has ushered in a new way for businesses to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible, there’s one threat that is still around: Cyber attacks.

Why your business is more susceptible than ever

If you’ve been paying attention to the news for the past few months alone, you might be familiar with the recurring theme of seeing businesses lose thousands to millions to hackers. This is the same problem that costs businesses approximately 600 billion dollars in damages each year

Whether it’s over stolen data, corrupted files, or databases being wiped clean, there’s no cyber attack that you shouldn’t do anything and everything to avoid. Your business will always be susceptible in one way or another to such crimes when you use the Internet in your operations, which is a truth that makes the web a double-edged sword. 

The most common attacks you need to protect yourself from

Seeing that cyber-attacks are impacting businesses worldwide, your company needs to do all that it can to combat the rising threats that hackers pose every day. Fortunately, getting a leg up on any persistent threat can be quickly done by being well-aware of these three types of cyber crimes:

Threat #1: Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

The best way to explain what happens when this cybersecurity threat is put into play is that it prevents any user on a website from accessing specific services on a website.

Commonly present on specific services that involve the use of online accounts (such as e-mails, social networking platforms, banking websites), this threat can slow your business’s productivity. Although it isn’t used to steal vital information or property, it can severely hamper the operational flow that you regularly follow, making it crucial to set up your firewall. 

Threat #2: Internet of Things (IoT) hacking

Although it may not be as common as the other threats on this list, IoT hacking poses a larger damage threat because it can affect a network of gadgets that use an office network.

Typically, reliant items on a Wi-Fi connection—such as locks, thermostats, DVRs, and security cameras—can be targeted by hackers who can prevent these devices from working. The best way to prevent this threat from taking over your entire Internet connection and hampering your business’s productivity is to continuously update the firmware of your IoT devices!

Threat #3: Phishing

Commonly associated with most financial blunders that is seen on the news, phishing is a cyber threat that you want to avoid at all times because of the severe consequences it brings.

What makes this type of cyber threat so unique is that it is, unlike other threats, wholly rooted in human error or negligence, which is why this scam is carried out through e-mails or dubious links. If you want to prevent this problem from happening, the best measure you can take is to educate your staff on various cybersecurity practices that will build their awareness!


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