3 Ways to Make It Impossible for Your Top Performers to Resign

Thanks to numerous lucrative job opportunities in the IT industry, top performers have no trouble jumping from role to role when it benefits them the most. Although many of them may say that they’re taking on new jobs because they offer higher salaries and better benefits, many leave because of boss behavior. In short, great managers who engage employees are a significant factor in determining whether top talent stays in the company or goes off to seek greener pastures. 

The truth is that you can’t gauge a team member’s engagement only by their performance. They may have the potential to be a top performer, but they simply aren’t engaged enough and feel miserable at your business. On the other hand, your top talents may be performing well, but they feel incredibly unhappy. 

Unfortunately, replacing your top performers is an expensive and time-consuming process. To keep the revolving doors still, here are three ways to improve employee engagement and make it almost impossible for your top talent to resign:

1. Identify the Best of the Best

You must first figure out which employees you’d fight hard to keep in your company. Sometimes, it goes beyond performance and results; identify the employees that keep working hard even after everyone else gives up. Look for the team member that prioritizes brand reputation and quality output above all else. Your top performers also likely remain calm under pressure, allowing them to make smart and confident decisions in times of crisis. These people are far beyond average, and you’ll want them on your team for as long as possible.

Separating the wheat from the chaff will help you focus on retaining these employees and keeping them happy, which will bring long-term results to your team. Strategic IT staffing means always nurturing your top talent, so they’re more likely to stay instead of pursuing other opportunities while taking vital fellow employees with them.

2. Share the Names of Your Top Performers with Your Leadership

Once you have a list of your best talent, share it with your company’s executive leadership. Highlight their strengths and how they’ve helped the company achieve its goals. You must also explain that if they think any of these performers become disengaged, they must alert you immediately. You can then set up a meeting with the employee and relevant support to make some adjustments, keeping the employee loyal and engaged. 

Another practice you can implement is to schedule check-ins with your top performers and senior executives twice a year. Such meetings will help your employees’ networks and career progress while reducing any chances of them wanting to leave, especially without warning.

3. Act Fast When a Talented Worker Tries to Resign

Even though you’ll focus on keeping your most excellent in-house talent, you must also keep an eye out for anyone who seems like they want to leave. If a talented employee submits a resignation letter, be sure to get them in a meeting with a senior executive within 24 hours. Do everything you can to convince the employee to stay, such as providing concrete solutions to any pain points they might have from working in your company. 

Finding a creative way to resolve their grievances will help you keep your top performers while saving money from hiring a replacement. The faster you act, the more likely you are to retain your strongest performers. It also shows them how much your company values them, which will encourage them to think twice about leaving. 


Every business is dependent on its top talent to succeed. Having a high attrition rate is expensive for a company in both productivity and cost, so keeping your strong performers is necessary. Fortunately, with these three tips, you can retain highly engaged employees for several years. 

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