4 Qualities to Look for in IT Staffing Professionals

The IT staffing industry is rapidly growing, attracting more ambitious individuals to the field. With competitive salaries and incredible growth opportunities, people who have previously never considered the sector are now thinking about starting a career path. However, not everyone is fit for a role in IT staffing because it’s a field that requires lots of specialization in different aspects.

Still, someone can be trained to become an IT staffing superstar, especially if they possess vital qualities. It’s easy to teach skills, but personality traits are hard to cultivate. Here are four traits to look for in IT staffing professionals:

1. Love of Learning

A passion for learning can’t be taught, so finding individuals who actively seek more knowledge is a great way to add valuable talent to your company. That’s why well-read employees often perform better, as they’re automatically primed and prepared to connect with other people over numerous topics. They also tend to keep up with industry news, trends, strategies, and additional information to help create long-term relationships.

2. Persistence

Sometimes, the going gets tough, but a person’s real character shines when their mettle is tested. Persistence is key to working through numerous challenges and obtaining the desired results, even when things look like they won’t work out.

Although people may think that persistence is calling a prospect a couple of times before closing the lead, it’s much more than that. It involves using strategic, tactful communication that imparts high value to the prospect while slowly building a relationship. Doing so will also set you apart from your competitors and make you look more favorable.

3. Confidence

Few things can be pulled off without confidence, which is why it’s a necessary trait to have in an IT staffing professional. IT recruitment can be intense, especially since you need to maintain high energy levels. However, sometimes the confidence can be over the top, which is why it’s essential to have a recruiter who is calm, confident, and has a deeper understanding of the situation than their energetic colleagues.

Such confidence also makes candidates and clients feel more comfortable when conversing with them, which means greater chances of cultivating stronger relationships and achieving success.

4. Negotiation

Excellent negotiation skills are crucial in the staffing field. Many recruiters have begun to ask straightforward questions when gathering information about their candidates and clients, ultimately leading to a loss in many valuable partnerships and employees. For instance, they may not discover outstanding qualities in specific candidates because of their black-and-white questioning style, which will nudge the applicant to try their luck elsewhere.

However, by investing in a recruiter with top-notch negotiation skills, you can open doors to partnerships and candidates to help the company achieve higher success levels in your industry. These recruiters can spot talent a mile away and convince them to join the company.


IT staffing professionals are arguably the blood supply of every IT company, as they find capable talent who can help the business grow and achieve its targets. However, you’ll also need to find the right kind of recruiter, especially with these four qualities. They can develop to become a priceless asset to your company and help you stand out from the competition.

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