5 Technical Traits to Look for in an IT Staffing Candidate

The world of tech is becoming vaster as each day progresses. An increasing number of talents and professionals are rising, and many of these are self-taught. Some of them are out-of-this-world when it comes to skill level, while others might need a bit more fishing to see their capabilities eventually. Technology is the future, which means more people will be flooding in to catch a spot at the top companies.

As an employer, you will be searching for the best talents when you undergo tech hiring. IT staffing can be a challenging endeavor for many first-timers in the business, as there are so many things to consider when looking for the right piece of the puzzle. Technology is also an industry with heavy competition, and there are many out there with dominant skillsets you’d want to have in your company. However, it pays to look at specifics depending on your company’s goals, so here are some essential pointers that IT staffing firms suggest you look at:

1. Voice Optimization Knowledge

The commerce sphere of today is shifting to voice, as the mobile device world has gone full-circle. With mobile phones of 2020 having programs like Siri and Google’s AI relying on a user’s voice, the tech talent should work in conversation commerce. Today’s SEO works with voice optimization, so you’ll want a developer that works with the world of audible searches because people are using their hands to type lesser each year. 

2. Automation Programming

Today’s companies are delegating tasks to automated procedures, as this saves the time and energy of customer service representatives and other departments that put in work. If you’re looking for a good IT staffing candidate, you’ll want someone who works smart but not exactly hard. While most things can be solved using hard work by clocking in hours on end, an IT professional who knows how to automate a task delegated to them can be a valuable asset. So sometimes, the seemingly lazier ones are actually some of the best for the modern-day start-up. 

3. They Eat Big and Small Data for Breakfast

Data is essential in tech, and those who crunch numbers daily will be invaluable to your company. Big data and small data are crucial to growth and optimization, as metrics determine how well a company performs. When an IT staffing candidate knows exactly what the data reads, this will be an essential foundation for your start-up’s growth. Various analytics programs are a must-have, and the more you have people able to read these like a comic book, the more effective your business will progress.

4. IT Staffing Firms Need Role Models

In a young company, growth requires a point person to refer to when the grinding starts. IT staffing candidates with an excellent personality that pulls people up and rallies the team to meet deadlines is what all young tech professionals need to build their confidence. The more projects get completed, the higher the drive staffers will have to keep constructing the company’s reputation.

5. Artificial Intelligence Knowledge

The world’s future rests on the shoulders of Artificial Intelligence (AI), so any IT staffing firms that have developers in this field are of top-notch priority. Seeing how large Amazon, Google, and other companies have grown because of AI is incredible, and it won’t stop there. As it stands, AI will undoubtedly be one of the most powerful industries in tech in the foreseeable future, so start finding IT staffing candidates who dive deep into the cybersphere. 


Staffing your IT company can be a challenge, especially knowing how many talents are on the job market hunt. Finding the best ones that fit your business model, mission, and vision will require some A/B testing on your end, but overall, these five points can help you get started. Remember that IT staffing is a data game, and the more professionals crunch the numbers and clock in hours to improve their profile, the better they’ll be for your start-up. 

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