5 Ways to Create an Effective Job Advertisement – Our Guide

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can still be seen today, with thousands of people displaced and out of jobs. As people continue to struggle and look for new employment opportunities, companies who are looking to recruit more talented staff should come up with the right job advert to win over the best professionals.

Since everyone relies on the digital world now more than ever, businesses need to aim for a higher online ranking on search engines to reach more job seekers. Your job postings should have the proper industry keywords and include other relevant information, like your location and the salary you wish to provide.

Besides that, you should be careful about your advert to ensure you don’t mislead people by using vague job positions and unclear descriptions. To help you improve the recruitment application process, keep reading below to find out how to make the perfect job advert. 

Include All the Necessary Information

Jobseekers browsing through the web for available positions expect to see all the critical information on an advert before deciding to apply for them. If you want to gain more chances of setting their sights on your company, you should provide details about the role and that of your business.

It would help if you showcased an in-depth description of the job position, including all the requirements you expect an applicant to have for them to be a desirable candidate. You can also improve your job advert by including any benefits and compensations they can expect to receive from your organization. 

Create a Common and Direct Job Position

While you want your job advert to stand out from a sea of job postings, you also need to make use of standard job titles to make them more searchable online. You can add the company’s location to attract a more relevant audience focused on local searches.

Develop Clear Content

The content of your job advert should be straightforward to help job seekers have a clear vision of what you need. This allows them to know if they have the right qualities you’re looking for—thus pushing them to apply if they see they’re qualified. You should use the most commonly searched keywords while maintaining a job description that’s easy to read.

You can include an outline to break apart paragraphs and avoid overwhelming job seekers with all the information provided before them. Utilizing bullet points also allows Google to place you on better search results, giving IT staffing companies an easier way to recruit more employers for you.  

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Your job advert should display valuable information that you know your applicants are looking forward to reading. If your company has a lengthy background of your past achievements, it might not be the best idea to enumerate all of them one by one.

Instead, keep it short and only include what’s relevant, like the job position, the description of the role, your location, possible career paths, remote work options, and employee benefits. Hiring an IT staffing firm can help you focus on only incorporating the right information as needed.

Show Connection Between the Role and the Company

If you have bigger plans for your business, you can also include it in your job advert to help applicants have a better idea if they’re prepared to join your organization for the long haul. You need to let job seekers know the potential of their role and how it’ll benefit both the company and themselves.


Putting out job adverts online is integral right now due to the global pandemic that has left job hunters looking for better-paying jobs to help them get through the crisis. IT staffing solutions can ensure that you get the right people who have the skillset and professionalism you need. 

By posting a job advert that contains all the necessary information, has specific and quality content, and shows the valuable connection between the job position and your company, you can expect to find employees who have what it takes to support your goals!

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