6 Effective Tips for Managing a Hectic HR Workload – Our Guide

Working in the HR department can be both rewarding and stressful. There are days you may need to deal with a hectic workload and some other unexpected issues. Despite all the stressful workload, how can an HR manager still handle it all while still being efficient?

Experiencing a hectic HR workload can be common; thankfully, there are effective tips that you can apply to manage it effectively:

1. Create a plan for forecasting future hires

One of the most challenging times in an HR manager’s job is an unexpected influx of new hires. This can be daunting from your regular tasks and hiring routine. Without a comprehensive process, chaos can happen in the office. This is why creating a good plan with forecasting future hiring requirements must be considered. 

Perform an assessment every few months to know if there are tweaks and adjustments needed with the hiring process. When you follow an effective hiring process, you will save money and time in the long run.=

2. Develop a Recruiting and Hiring Process

It is crucial to develop a clear process for hiring and recruiting. Not only that, but you should also consider evaluating and changing some parts of the existing approach to promote a more efficient system. This will help organize different processes such as hiring full-time/part-time/contract workers, training, orientation, and onboarding.

With the help of today’s emerging tools and technology, dealing with HR concerns can be a lot easier. There are various platforms, tools, and apps that can help ease the hiring and onboarding processes.

3. Delegate

Proper task delegation can be an answer on how to lessen the stress due to a hectic workload. This is highly essential, especially in the HR department. Make sure to surround yourself with individuals committed to their jobs and are willing to offer help when everyone gets overwhelmed. Do not be afraid to delegate; this will not only lessen your stressful tasks but will also provide other employees learning and career growth opportunities. 

4. Get Rid of Procrastination

There can be times that your to-do list is already full, and you can’t work on every task promptly. The result: an overwhelming accumulation of things to do. Procrastination can adversely affect the overall job performance of anyone. This can be fixed by changing your work routines and attitude. Also, delegating tasks to other HR personnel can be a big help. Learn to apply an effective time-management strategy, as well as learn how to prioritize tasks from the most urgent to the least important.

5. Pull in Other Management Expertise

An HR manager doesn’t need to cover and do everything. Learn the different skills and expertise of your employees. Help them unleash their potentials. Coach and train them to help in handling the full workload during busy days. Not only will they contribute to the company’s success, but they will also develop a sense of responsibility and credibility.

6. Consider Outsourcing

Outsourcing is getting popular nowadays among workforces. To better handle your HR workload, hiring a reliable staffing agency can be helpful. There are also professionals out there who have the skills for recruitment, bookkeeping, customer support, and others. They can aid in taking a massive burden off you to have more time for other tasks. Keep in mind that the most effective way to handle hectic HR tasks is to delegate and not force yourself to do everything.


Managing your HR workload is no easy feat, especially when there’s a large volume of positions to fill in. Hiring new people in the organization can be a great sign that the company is heading on the track of success. However, this can also be overwhelming, and you will need help along the way. 

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