A.I Doctor

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seeping into everything from phones and computers to our cars and home appliances. It is also making its way into hospitals around the world. The addition of artificial intelligence to healthcare is broad and growing. This might make some people nervous, but for many, the role of the son in healthcare is a clear step forward. Aside from the obvious fact that software programs don’t get distracted or need sleep, AI is better than humans at diagnosing patients. John Radcliffe Hospital has developed an AI system that can read and diagnose heart scans. The technology has been tested in six cardiology units and the results of the study showed 80% more accurate at predicting heart attacks than human doctors. A separate AI program has been developed to pick up early signs of cancer. It was tested on 335 lesions and correctly predicting cancer with an accuracy of 97 percent. 30 percent of surgeries to remove the lesions could have been avoided by using this technology. AI healthcare is undoubtedly coming and is ruffling some medical feathers, the profession is being urged to embrace AI as a partner, and not to see it as a threat.