A Recruiter’s Guide to Finding the Best Blockchain Developer

Skilled Blockchain developers aren’t always easy to come by. Their primary role is to enable secure digital transactions by creating systems to record and store blockchain data. Their designs make sure that your data cannot be hacked or compromised. To recruit the best possible candidate, here is a guide on how to find them.

How to Hire a Blockchain Developer

Generally, the ideal candidate or team has years of experience in blockchain development. This lets you know that they’re used to doing the job and will pick up just fine. But if your company doesn’t have the budget for a seasoned blockchain developer team, then the person you need on the job needs to understand the following concepts.

What the Ideal Blockchain Developer Candidate Should Know

Basic Programming Concepts

Different blockchain developers have their own preferences for the tools they use. However, every good developer should understand basic programming concepts, such as OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming Structure), Socket Programming, Multi-Threading, and Syntax. These are basic aspects of programming that are used regularly, so they need to pick up on them fast.

Encryption and Security

To get more specific, blockchain developers should know about encryption and security. 

Your blockchain developer should also be familiar with Secure Hashing Algorithms because their job requires them to understand encryption and decryption concepts. They should know the difference between Private Key and Public Key and how they should be mathematically related. 

Other Questions You Should Ask 

Their Development Process

There is a wide range of development techniques available. You need to find out if they use development techniques such as agile, scrum, or extreme programming. It also helps to know what tools they prefer to use. See if they have any skills that match the following tools:

  • Bitcoin Block Explorer
  • Metamask
  • Composer
  • Caliper
  • Etherscan
  • Explorer

Brands They Worked With

A good work portfolio can help you determine whether or not they actually know how to use their skills. Working for well-known companies is a huge advantage, but working for smaller companies will do just as fine. If you were a small business yourself, it would be nice to know that they have prior experience working with startups.

Years of Experience

Again, having years of experience doesn’t always mean it’s a plus. If you’re not a large-scale company, you won’t be able to hire a seasoned veteran at their rates. Less experienced yet intelligent blockchain developers are capable of the job at lower rates, though the hesitation to hire them is understandable. You need to leave it to your intuition for these things.


While you must hire a team with the best skills for the job, you need to look for a good work ethic. Besides the task at hand, you need people on your team that you can get along with on a professional level. There are plenty of intelligent and capable people out there for this job, but above all, you need them to be reliable and independent workers with the skills to match above all.

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