Ace the Crypto Recruitment Process with These 4 Pointers

The cryptocurrency industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and with that growth comes an ever-increasing demand for talented individuals in various non-technical roles. Whether you’re a great writer, marketer, or salesperson or have any other valuable skillset, there’s likely a place for you in the crypto world.

And, for those exceptional at what they do, the potential rewards are immense, and various openings are available! So if you’re looking for an exciting and rapidly-growing industry in which to build your career, the cryptocurrency space is worth considering. Here are some pointers that’ll help you ace the crypto recruitment process.

Always Learn the Fundamentals

If you’re only interested in making money, you may need help succeeding in cryptocurrency. This sector constantly changes and evolves, so you must be passionate and curious to keep up.

In general, though, most employers in the crypto space will want to see that you have a good understanding of how crypto works before they hire you. 

It’s also essential to do the next tip to have a holistic understanding of crypto fundamentals.

Practice It, Don’t Just Keep It as Theory

Most jobs in the cryptocurrency field want applicants to have experience with cryptocurrencies in some capacity. This could be as simple as having a previous job at a cryptocurrency company or having experience trading cryptocurrencies. 

Other experience that may be looked for includes providing liquidity, collateralizing assets, yield farming, flipping NFTs, and contributing to distributed autonomous organizations.

Set Up an On-Chain Resume

The idea is that in the future, your entire work history will be stored on the blockchain. This will allow employers to verify your credentials and skills easily. In other words, your crypto resume will be an accurate and reliable record of your involvement in the crypto world, something that cannot be said of traditional resumes.

Check out resources such as Web 3, RabbitHole, Avalanche, and Degenscore. They could improve your chances at crypto recruitment.

Figure Out Your Niche

Cryptocurrencies are a complex and ever-changing landscape. What may have started as a simple Bitcoin purchase on an exchange can quickly turn into hours spent on a messaging app trying to be whitelisted for an NFT presale.

Some people are interested in playing games to earn money, so they will look for the newest game in that genre to try it out. They will understand the economic principles behind it because they have seen it many times before.

Some people prefer to spend their time in DAOs. They see the value in working together towards shared goals as part of a community. They understand how DAO governance works and can navigate through messy Discord chats.

Your niche should be carefully chosen so that you are qualified for jobs involving the blockchain you are focused on. For example, if you focus on Bitcoin, you will be more likely to get a job involving that particular blockchain. However, if you focus on a different blockchain, you may be limited in the types of jobs you can get.

After trying out different aspects of cryptocurrency, it is important to choose a niche wisely. This is because you only have limited energy and attention span daily.

In Closing

Crypto jobs work a lot like corporate ones, come to think of it. It’s better to get one’s feet wet and practice so that companies know they’re hiring someone who can hit the ground running upon starting their first day.

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