Useful Applications of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses

Blockchain technology evolved from starting out as a gimmick to becoming a game-changer for various industries in the world. While the decentralized ledger of digital assets is renowned for paving the way for virtual currencies like bitcoin, the fact remains that its ability to store and distribute data with unprecedented security gives blockchain technology more potential.

The massive scope of blockchain technology means it still has plenty of key roles to play in other business operations, from introducing a bolstered level of security for the company’s transactions to redefining digital marketing. With that in mind, you might be wondering what exactly can blockchain do to propel your business ahead of the saturated marketplace. 

What are Different Blockchain Applications Relevant to Small Businesses? 

1. Widen Your Access to Secure Payment Modes (Safer Transactions and Boosted Customer Data Security)

Seeing as blockchain technology is well-known for its secure transactions, it’s no surprise that it’s also one of the first applications every business should use to boost sales. For one, the rise of online payments comes with a set of challenges that can be deadly for small businesses. 

The danger appears in the form of cybercriminals wreaking havoc as there is a high risk of putting your customers’ identities and details at risk. By deploying blockchain technology, you can offer your consumers safer ways to transact with your business as it removes issues like chargebacks, stolen credit card details, and more. E-commerce businesses can greatly benefit from this application. 

2. Save Money by Cutting Out the Middlemen (Tailoring Ad Campaigns) 

Social media is the name of the game in today’s internet-driven world, that’s why start-ups and established enterprises alike often collaborate with renowned influencers to help market their campaigns in engaging ways. Unfortunately, not all influencers can put your brand under the spotlight since many of them have fake likes and followers. 

With no real people supporting them, all your marketing efforts will be shot to the void without reaching the right audience. Surprisingly, blockchain technology can prevent this from happening since it can directly position your ads in front of your target market. 

Blockchain marketing eliminates the sketchy setup and fast-tracks your progress by placing your ads directly in front of your target market, making it a cost-effective social media solution for small businesses. 

3. Create Smart Contracts for Safer Agreements 

Crafting, reviewing, and agreeing to contracts are critical stages for every business agreeing on a particular project, all of which can be time-consuming. Instead of experiencing downtime and discrepancies in your productivity, blockchain technology can employ self-executing contracts by writing the terms and conditions directly into the code. This automates the execution of the contract and ensures your outcome is guaranteed. 

The Bottom Line: The Many Faces of Blockchain Technology and Their Unique Potential to Improve Your Business

With blockchain technology being so accessible and applicable in multiple areas, it makes sense to integrate it into your operations since it’s an affordable way to achieve top-notch security. Blockchain technology can also enhance your business operations in more ways than one, giving you one tool to increase your productivity, safety, and efficiency.

The list above explores some basic applications that can give small businesses an edge, though you don’t have to limit yourself as blockchain technology can expand to other sectors from the creation of loyalty programs, cloud storage, networking, recruitment, and more.

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