Beneficial Onboarding Techniques in the Digital Age

Remote onboarding may seem like a challenge because it is a new process that not everyone is used to. Back in the days when everything was normal, companies could have a proper face-to-face orientation. 

A systematized approach can make onboarding less complex for both the company and the new employee. Now that almost everything is done online, you need to find a way to make recruitment effective regardless of the setup. An effective onboarding process can help make new employees feel more at ease.

Here are some suggestions that can improve your onboarding techniques: 

Setting Up the Unit

One of the first things that a company does is to provide the right technology to their employees. While doing that in person may be easy, doing it remotely can be a bit tricky. You must ensure that they can set up their new hardware and software smoothly in this process. Here is where the hurdle comes: giving instructions online without causing too much stress to the other party can be challenging.

Luckily, it can be quickly addressed through one effective medium today: online videos. Instead of doing live video conferencing, preparing a step-by-step setup video tutorial would be easier and stress-free than giving the instructions online. The visual assistance of the video presentation would ensure that the instructions are followed as they should. 

Consider preparing the video beforehand and providing it even before their first day begins. 

Check-In Calls

No matter how equipped you think your new hire is, it is still crucial that you schedule a regular conversation with them. That way, you can keep track of how they are coping with their environment and see how else you can help them. 

Onboarding does not happen overnight. You need to schedule constant check-up calls daily or at least every week to check their adjustment period and see how well they are doing. Do not speed up this stage. Let new employees find time to be one with company culture in their own time. 

Meet the Team

Setting up team meetings once in a while can also help them meet other team members and adjust. Doing tasks would be quick and easy if they knew who they needed to work with. 

You can ask employees to schedule a mandatory one-on-one meeting with your new employee. That would help them get to know each other personally and provide an avenue for them to ask questions about the company or their tasks better. 


Being on top of everything that your employee needs are your crucial task as an employer. In this digital age, you need to ensure that the distance or new medium does not hinder new employees. You have to provide the same attention and assistance you had for other team members back when things were normal and now that everything is remote.

You can always seek help from people who know what they are doing. Hiring an IT jobs staffing agency can make things a little easier for you. They can connect you with companies and IT talent depending on your needs. At Technical Paradigm, we take a strategic approach to your staffing needs. After discussing your challenges and goals, we create and implement a custom solution tailored to your company’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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