Blockchain Developer Skills: Important Ones to Hone in 2022

There’s no doubt that the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. Businesses around the globe are already investing millions in it. For the best position in order to take the lead down the line, it’s vital to understand blockchain. That way, it’s possible to get the best talents sooner rather than later.

Much like any other new market or technology, finding ideal blockchain developers with the right skills and knowledge can be challenging. Finding blockchain developers that are top-quality will be vital for projects or companies that are working on blockchains. These jobs require more skills and knowledge down the line instead of merely writing out smart contracts.

What Kind Of Developer Skills Are Essential?

Clear Grip On Cryptography & Security Principles

Since it relies on cryptography, blockchain technology is generally secure. In order to be a truly good blockchain developer, it’s important to have a clear grip on cryptography as well as its security principles.

Security is often based on ensuring that no one can interfere with the data being sent between two parties. That is, no third party. Cryptography provides a way to keep information secure without relying on a third party. 

With the advancement of blockchain technology, even more businesses will need developers who have a deep understanding of cryptography and security. It’s important that the blockchain developer being considered has that skill set.

Comprehensive Understanding of Blockchain Technology

While this one is easily the most obvious one of all, it’s well worth mentioning anyway. Succeeding as a blockchain developer won’t be possible without a full understanding of decentralized networks-specifically, how they work.

Blockchain is a database that is stored and shared by multiple nodes or users. It is a distributed database that allows for transparent and tamper-proof transactions. A blockchain transfers virtual currency peer to peer, cutting out the middleman.

An app developer should demonstrate that they understand multiple blockchains. For example, an Ethereum dApp will differ in many ways from a Cosmos dApp. The developer should understand the characteristics of each blockchain, as well as its uses.

Developers need to be aware of core blockchain development concepts, including (but not limited to):

  • Consensus algorithms
  • Distributed ledger technology
  • Security for peer-to-peer networks

Proficiency In A High-Level Programming Language

There are many popular programming languages for blockchain development, such as:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Golang
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Solidity 

Popular cryptocurrency Blockchain, for example, was originally built with C++. Most of the languages listed above (except for Ethereum-specific Solidity) are general-purpose programming languages. That means they have several purposes that developers can use.

A blockchain developer worth their salt should be an excellent coder in at least one or more of those languages.


With the many advancements in technology, blockchain development has become practically crucial to businesses. The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin has really all but taken over the world nowadays. It’s crucial that a blockchain developer has essential skills such as a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and proficiency in a high-level programming language.

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