Busting 4 Common Myths About Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms

The concept of outsourcing a professional to hire a candidate for your company seems counterproductive and expensive, but many businesses fail to recognize the complexities of recruiting. The Human Resources department often has plenty of key responsibilities on its plate, so hiring becomes a means to an end. 

Meanwhile, staffing agencies specialize in seeking the right talents that would suit your company, turning the recruitment process into a means to a beginning. Recruiting agencies can be the missing link that can help bridge the gap in your recruitment process, but the following misconceptions often prevent employers from reaching out to recruiters: 

Myth #1: Outsourcing Recruiting Firms can be Costly

Understandably, employers think recruiting in-house can save them more money, but the reality is that the process of hiring the right people takes plenty of time, money, and resources. Most recruiting agencies offer contingency-based searches, which means you can only pay them until the job-seeker they find is qualified and the position is successfully filled. 

As for employees on the hunt for the next best job in town, you can apply to most staffing agencies without having to pay a dime! 

Myth #2: You Lose Control of the Hiring Process with a Recruiting Firm On-Board

Contrary to popular belief, working with a recruiting firm means you can have an extra pair of expert hands to help streamline your hiring process. They can work in conjunction with your HR department, and while they serve to guide you to the best talent pool in your industry, you still have the final say regarding the hiring decisions for your company. 

Myth #3: Recruiting Firms Only Provide Temporary Positions 

Recruiting firms strive to offer a wide range of hiring solutions, but there’s growing misinformation that these agencies can only find part-time or temporary roles. However, recruiting firms deal with flexible demands from part-time, project-based, full-time, and direct-hire services, so every hire should fit your bill. 

Moreover, candidates that they hire who fail to stick around for the long haul can be followed up with an additional recruit as part of their contingency-based benefits package. 

Myth #4: Recruiting Firms Only Hire Less-than-Ideal Job-Seekers

Naturally, companies will think that only they can understand what their business truly needs, but recruiting firms work hard to get to know your core vision, mission, and needs so they can better vet potential talents in your niche. 

The Bottom Line: How Recruitment Firms can Be the Answer to Your Hiring Problems 

Gone are the days when your HR would have to squeeze in the few hours they have left for recruiting. With emerging staffing and recruiting agencies, you can work with professionals who can fully commit to helping you find high-qualified applicants that are guaranteed to provide value to your business. 

How Can We Help Bridge the Gap in Your Recruitment Process?

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