5 Challenges Faced By Startups When Tech Hiring

The right team can help a startup in many ways, and having the right team in place from the beginning is critical for a startup’s success.

A great team works well together and has common goals. Hiring employees who fit the culture and have the skills the company needs can help a startup succeed more quickly. They help build a company where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is difficult for any startup company, but these individuals make it possible.

If you’re assigned to do this bold task, here are five challenges you may face and what to do about them:

1. Lack of Tech Skills and Experience

Often, companies will underestimate the importance of having someone on the team who understands the technical aspects of the job. This can lead to hiring developers who may not have the right skills or experience. Having someone on the team who can evaluate developers and ensure they are a good fit for the job is important.

Many companies lack the technical expertise to evaluate developers properly, often resorting to simple keyword matching. This can lead to poor hires and lost opportunity costs.

2. Unreliable Candidates

This is a situation where you want to hire a software developer, but you can’t be sure they will be loyal to you. They may try to get multiple offers and keep you waiting. Some people will use your offer to try and get a better one from someone else, even though you may have already agreed to the terms. This is not something that can be prevented.

This means that it is unlikely that candidates who receive an offer from a startup will join the team. In this situation, it is difficult for startups to use their resources to continue to pursue multiple leads for the same position.

3. Intense Competition

There is a lot of competition between companies to acquire the best talent. With great talent being difficult to find, this often leads to companies fighting tooth and nail to get the best employees. 

This is especially true when large tech companies are involved, as they can often outbid smaller companies. Geography also plays a role in this, as companies in cities with many big tech firms will have a harder time hiring good employees.

4. High Salaries

Candidates often expect a high increase in salary when they switch to a new company. This can be difficult for startups who cannot afford to pay the same high salaries that developers are used to. Some startups offer generous employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPS, to attract and retain great talent. However, it is still debated whether potential employees value such grants.

5. Brand Reputation

Many startups struggle to attract top talent because they lack employer brand recognition. Suppose potential candidates are not familiar with the company or what it does. In that case, they are more likely to choose a well-known tech company over a startup, even if the startup can offer better terms and more exciting work.


There are many challenges that startups face when hiring tech talent. The competition is fierce, and the pool of available candidates is limited. Startups often have to pay more than established companies to attract and retain top tech talent. They also must work hard to create an attractive culture for tech workers.

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