Choosing Between the Different Types of IT Outsourcing

Thousands of companies all over the world utilize IT outsourcing to some degree, most of which involves the technology sector.  IT staffing solutions, including outsourcing, provide valuable support for many businesses, giving them the flexibility to get help from professionals outside of their organization. Let’s do a deep dive into the different types of IT outsourcing and what kind of benefits they provide to various businesses and industries.

Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing means that your organization does business with another company or, for example, a remote development team in the same country. This is also called domestic outsourcing since the people you work with may not come from your company, but they are at least working in the same country as you. This means no cultural differences or language barriers that may hamper your work with them.

Companies that prefer onshore outsourcing when they have a lack of experience in some areas, or they need to hire a remote development team fast. Since onshore IT staffing firms are closer geographically and culturally, it’s easier to coordinate with them. While onshore companies generally have no restrictions on being able to conduct business locally, they are often subject to higher tax rates and costs. Yes, the costs for setting up and maintaining conventional onshore companies are higher than their offshore counterparts.

Offshore Outsourcing

This is a general term for whenever you hire external parties in a different country than your own to help with your business operations. They are often incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction or country whereby their transactions are conducted outside the country’s borders.

The main reason why companies prefer offshore is that the cost of services may be much cheaper compared to those offered by domestic companies. Offshore IT staffing agencies are established in specific jurisdictions that provide preferential tax treatment. They offer numerous advantages such as reduced taxes, lower costs, greater privacy, and more corporate flexibility.

Nearshore Outsourcing

There exists a third category, which is known as nearshore or mid-shore companies. Nearshore companies have also become very popular in recent years since they provide the best of both worlds. The exact structure of nearshore companies varies depending on the host country, but the basic concept is that they adopt some of the key features of both onshore and offshore companies. More often than not, these features include a preferential tax system and other economic benefits, but with fewer restrictions and greater transparency and reputability.

Nearshore outsourcing is still technically considered a type of offshore outsourcing since the country they’re operating in is still different from yours. However, they are geographically near enough that there isn’t much time zone difference. This makes it convenient to get the support you want at the time you need it. There’s also less of a language and cultural difference than offshore outsourcing.


Whatever type of outsourcing you choose, there’s one crucial detail that needs to be considered, and that’s the level of support they offer. You need to find an outsourcing provider that can easily cater to your needs and help you drive the results you need for your business.

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