Digital Marketing Trends That Are Still Relevant in 2022

 As marketers, we are constantly on the move. We must always be training to stay on top of our abilities, looking over our shoulders to find new information, and checking in with the latest trends to see what will help us next month or next year. However, chasing after every trend can only get us so far.

Long-term marketing planning has to be done with groundwork (tactics and strategies) that will ensure a solid foundation. It’s important to make use of the ones that have already stood the test of time. Iterations will go a long way in helping marketing activities to push forward. Besides, a lot like the old adage “practice makes perfect,” there’s only room for growth when time is poured into an endeavour.

Read on to learn more about digital marketing trends that are still relevant in 2022:

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing, as the name suggests, is all about affording possible customers or clients access to support services, products or offers across devices, channels and platforms. A very good example of this is the furniture giant IKEA: they take orders through the phone, their online store, an app or even a local store visit.

Search Intent Is Very Important

Search intent is, as the term suggests, the whole reason a search is done in the first place. Google does its best for search queries to be understood thoroughly, alongside the information being sought’s category. Designing and optimising content should be done with search intent being part of the factors. 

Looking into SERPs (search engine results pages) needs to be done at this juncture, so that the three Cs of search intent can be pinpointed:

  • Content angle (Selling point that’s unique: “best,” “newest,” “latest,” and more)
  • Content format (List posts, comparisons, reviews, how-to guides and more)
  • Content type (Is it a video? Is it a blog post? Is it a product page?)

Word Of Mouth

This is rather self-explanatory, but here are statistics to further explain the point:

From Google, Ogilvy, TNS:

74% of purchasers in the smartphone, auto and beauty categories point to word of mouth as the biggest influence for decisions when it comes to purchasing.

From Nielsen:

Online recommendations are trusted by 66% of respondents from 60 countries.

Recommendations from loved ones (family and friends) are trusted by 83% of respondents from 60 countries.

Video Marketing

Businesses and users alike get a huge boost from the use of video marketing. Some products are best explained or shared through video format instead of written content. Statistics point to video marketing being downright necessary for quite some time.

From Ahrefs:

For the United States, YouTube is the second-most visited website in terms of organic traffic

From Wyzowl:

79% of people have been convinced to buy or download an app or software after watching a video

91% of marketers see videos being more important nowadays given the pandemic


Digital marketing has gotten much more important over the last couple of years, with the online marketplace really expanding. There have been several fads and trends that have since come to pass. Trends that are still relevant in 2022 include video marketing, omnichannel marketing and word of mouth.

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