Top-Priority Elements to Search for in a Crypto Candidate

Businesses in the cryptocurrency industry can use a couple of candidates in order to operate and succeed. It can be difficult to find the right people though, as so many applicants tend to jump into blockchain without really understanding what the job entails or what it calls for. The hiring process can be a nightmare but, getting in touch with a recruitment service can help.

By having people who were pre-screened, it’s highly likely that they will match the role that you’ve been trying to fill in. For entry-level to mid-level positions, here are the top things to look for from a candidate who’s trying to penetrate the crypto space.


It can be ideal to find a crypto candidate who’s had some work experience in the past already. It doesn’t just contribute to their knowledge, but their connections to other relevant people and providers that may assist your company.

Just getting a referral or recommendation from the candidate can be extremely helpful in expanding the company with like-minded people. Having that applicant with previous connections would also be very beneficial for start-ups that are trying to get on their feet.


Candidates often seem too excited about the work’s rewards and not enough about pursuing the career itself. This isn’t an isolated problem in cryptocurrency, as each industry can face the dilemma of finding the right applicant who has a real interest in the workplace.

Connecting with a recruitment service can help increase your pool of applicants. Greatly increase your company’s chances of getting someone who’s interested in learning more about blockchain technology and what it means to the landscape of finance through these means.


Learning about crypto when your candidate isn’t an expert can be quite a process, and enthusiasm can go a very long way in understanding. However, there will be times where that will falter. It’s best to find a candidate who has a mentality of committing to the open position.

If a candidate seems to shy away from certain tasks such as exchanging or handling crypto, it might be best to go back to the drawing board or pick someone else from the pool. There would be less of an adjustment period that way.

Skill Level

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new industry compared to others, but it still has the same principles in terms of IT and finance. It’s best to hire candidates who have an adequate skill level and background knowledge in those certain fields.

Certain terminologies will surely be brought up while they’re working for you. It’s paramount that there’s an understanding between the company’s other workers and the candidates. Miscommunication can be costly, after all.


Most candidates may not have an available cryptocurrency portfolio to present to you. Although that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re unfit for the role, there’s nothing promising either. Having recruiters collect different applicants with portfolios would be much more ideal.

What should you be searching for in their portfolio? Search for articles related to crypto and blockchain technology. Look at their previous work and what responsibilities they’ve put up with before. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any digital crypto-related content either.


The perfect candidate should be able to appeal to all of these elements. It can be tough to find and interview such professionals through a flurry of applications. Start screening people more effectively by getting in touch with a recruitment service.

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