A List of Essential Skills Every PHP Developer Should Have

Since the mid-1990s, the PHP server-side programming language has been quite popular with other developers. However, nowadays, you may have noticed some talks about its impending demise, but raw data says this is still unlikely. 

PHP is currently used by 78.9 percent of websites, including big companies, such as Zoom, Facebook, and Wikipedia. To top it all off, PHP version (7.4) was recently released in November 2019, ensuring its longevity in the technological hemisphere. 

However, since technology is quick advancements, PHP can be overshadowed by Python and other fast-growing languages, making it hard for PHP developers to stand out and remain strong. For this reason, it pays to know the skills required for successful PHP developers. 

Besides mastering the basics of PHP, there are other factors and skills that you should be aware of, especially if you’re planning to test your luck in IT staffing companies. With that said, here are some of the essential skills every PHP developer should possess. Let’s take a look!

Skill #1: Be Familiar and Knowledgeable of Other Programming Languages

While it can be impressive to be fluent with PHP code, if you want to excel as a PHP developer, you should also be familiar with other programming languages, such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

When you’re well-versed with this language, you’ll have a better hold on user experience, allowing you to create effective and efficient programming projects that your clients will love. So with this, you’ll be a valuable member of the development team. 

Skill #2: Know the Best Practices and Design Patterns for PHP 

When it comes to software development, design patterns play a huge role. This can help speed up development and solve common problems much faster. Besides that, it can also improve code readability so that other developers can also identify the patterns you’ve used. 

Most commonly, design patterns in PHP applications include Strategy, Factory, and Singleton; however, there are more to be familiar with. Knowing these will help save time for swotting best practices and working with different frameworks. That’s why this is worth knowing, especially if you’re applying to different IT staffing agencies. 

Skill #3: Have Impressive Problem-Solving Skills

While it’s important for you to have the hard and technical skills needed, a PHP developer should also have soft skills like problem-solving to help them create impressive and creative output. 

Problem-solving is a crucial soft skill in web development. With this, you’re able to face unexpected issues and how you can go about fixing them. Problem-solving also encourages critical thinking, which is another skill that pushes you to analyze and evaluate solutions to problems, all of which are important for writing quality code. 

The Bottom Line: Develop These Skills, and You’ll Be at the Top of IT Staffing Agencies

When looking for jobs in the IT world, it pays to know the characteristics IT companies are looking for in a developer. Now that you know every PHP developer’s essential skills, it’s time for you to polish your skills and try your luck with incredible IT staffing agencies.

If you’re looking to build a team, working with reputable IT staffing agencies can help you find impressive candidates to join your team. 

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