How to Fill In the Skill Gaps to Improve Cybersecurity

The world has changed rapidly within the last ten years. There have been some fantastic developments across the globe in many different industries. There’s still so much room to grow and improve in the future.

With the rise of new technologies and innovation every day, every company must also prioritize cybersecurity. There is a serious threat looming over the cybersecurity industry. Because of the collective shift to living and working online and the sudden boom in digital activity in 2020, the rate of cybercrime has also skyrocketed. 

Unfortunately, there are millions of unfilled cybersecurity positions. This leaves companies vulnerable to attacks. As the rate of cyber threats rises, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing even more urgent. But the industry is struggling to meet the demand. As a company, there are ways that you can help fill the gap in cybersecurity skills.

Here are a few ways you can do this:

Invest in Cybersecurity Training

The most efficient way you can strengthen cybersecurity in your organization is by looking within. Invest in cybersecurity training for all your employees. 

It’s unlikely they will show an aptitude for it, but the training will benefit the employee and the whole organization. In doing this, you can also find members within your team who are not capable but are willing to fill in the role of cybersecurity. 

Training everyone about cybersecurity skills will lower the risk of breach. If they can’t deal with it themselves, at the very least, they will have an essential awareness. Timing is crucial when it comes to fighting off cyber threats. 

Allowing your employees to take on a new position will encourage them to take the training seriously. With such a simple solution, you’ve not only addressed the gap in cybersecurity skills in your company, but you’ve created new professionals as well.

Broaden New-Hire Channels

There is a distinct lack of qualified professionals in cybersecurity. The best way you can address this problem is by broadening your criteria for the position. In many cases, there isn’t one correct or linear path to a successful career, particularly in cybersecurity. Real-world experience and knowledge is a quality you might consider rare when you’re hiring.

You should try to consider other essential qualities necessary for the position. If a candidate is adaptable, willing to learn, and has strong critical thinking skills, you might already have a strong candidate in front of you. 

Hiring someone and investing in their training can be a great solution to the shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Explore candidates from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds but have the characteristics to become a valuable asset in your organization.

Look out for New Technologies

Lastly, make sure to stay on top of cyber tech trends. There is always something new and exciting developing. If you can keep up with what’s happening in the industry, you can prepare for the changes it will. There are also plenty of new technologies that can benefit your company and improve your processes or overall system. Anything that can increase your efficiency is an asset to your company.


Plenty of people are looking to take advantage of this collective shift to digital activity. With the cybersecurity industry struggling to meet the demand, companies must do their part to help the industry grow. There is a lot that you can do to empower and create new cybersecurity professionals. With your help and efforts, the industry can thrive and fight off cyber threats with masterful skill and efficiency. 

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