When to Stay in Your Job: 4 Signs You Have a Great IT Employer

Finding job satisfaction is one of the biggest struggles in today’s workforce. Sadly, only 49 percent of American workers claim that they are satisfied with their current job. When things do not go well or when their jobs do not meet their expectations, many people start to focus on the negative facts, develop the desire to leave, and look for new opportunities. 

While life is all about finding your purpose and serving accordingly, sometimes, workers just need to be reminded that there is no such thing as a perfect job. All work is complicated, and each job comes with its fair share of challenges, especially in IT.

Before you say that you hate your job, check whether your employer meets the following four criteria. If they do, you are most likely in a great working environment. 

#1 – Your career is their priority

A job does not always equate to an IT career. A career refers to your long-term professional growth as an IT specialist. It should make you feel fulfilled and rewarding. According to the same PRC research, only 51 percent of Americans see their job as a career. For the other unsatisfied half, the treatment they get from work is what they mostly blame. 

A great employer knows how to support their employees’ growth. They listen when they offer you a career path. If your company has this mindset from the start, all supervisors and managers will automatically act as your mentor. They will ask you what you want to achieve over the years, and they will help you reach the goals you set. This kind of employer does a quarterly or yearly assessment of your performance. It showcases their focus and dedication in providing you with what you truly want you to thrive and succeed. 

#2 – They provide a great working culture

Employers who go above and beyond to make their employees happy are exceptional employers. This is possible in various ways, such as when employers provide you with bonding opportunities with your co-workers, like board games, themed lunches, bowling competitions, and the like. 

Positive work culture is also achievable if you are free to speak your mind comfortably when you have issues or a new idea. If you are comfortable working with your co-workers and feel engaged with them throughout the day, that is a sign of great working culture. 

#3 – They provide you with a pleasant work environment

An employee becomes more productive and successful when they are in a great work environment. No company is perfect, and not everyone can build a dream office overnight. Still, a great employer will do their best to provide their employees with an excellent, healthy, and refreshing work setup. That means slowly updating or improving their current work environment. 

If your office somehow has an “Instagrammable” vibe common in many IT offices, and if your friends often refer to it as a “cool office,” then you are probably in great hands.

#4 – They give you the proper pay and benefits 

All these mentioned perks will not matter if your employer does not pay you appropriately for the skills, experience, and work you provide. The best companies will always pay the right fee and provide benefits to give you a proper work-life balance.

Every company differs in this aspect, but see to it that whatever your employer gives you matches your priorities. Some employers provide perks, such as flexible working hours, remote working days, discounted meals, free coffee or snacks, and more. Any of these, plus your salary, shows how much your employer cares and values you. 


If your employer meets all of these criteria, consider yourself lucky! Not all employers value their employees as much as yours does. Before you leave your job, make sure to find a job provider that will also give you the previously mentioned benefits and more. If your employer does not supply you with any of the four things mentioned above, maybe it is time for you to look for a better setup. 

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