Hiring a Python Developer? Watch Out for These 3 Factors

As one of the fastest-growing programming languages and heavily-used tools in the finance and corporate technology industries, it’s no secret that Python is more highly sought-after now than ever. 

Although other programming languages may not have shied away from the limelight as today’s world grows more digitally-driven, Python has edged out the competition in more ways than expected. Whether it’s a start-up company or a multinational business gearing to stay ahead, it’s no secret that the language in question is more vital than ever.

If you’re a business owner who is keen on adapting Python into your operations, then you might not have the necessary skills to make the switch happen, which is where recruitment comes in.

With millions of junior and senior Python programmers continuously sharpening their skills as they seek to capitalize on the massive demand for such skills, you’ll never run out of different professionals to hire. In particular, Technical Paradigm has thousands of aspiring specialists on stand-by for startups and corporations that need their IT roles to be filled up!

Looking for a Python developer for your business? Keep these factors in mind

While it may be great to see the growing list of different programmers available to fill the role that your company needs, it can also be quite challenging to settle on a particular option. Thankfully, you can sift through the list of available professionals and find the missing piece that your Python puzzle needs by watching out for these critical skills: 

Factor #1: Knowledge of core Python and frameworks

As redundant or generic as it may sound, the presence of excellent skills in core Python work and its associated frameworks can’t be overlooked when gauging any professional’s skills. 

Generally, any beginning Python developer will learn about everything from iterations to data structures in a boot camp or comprehensive course— which will ensure general aptitude, in most cases. However, beyond the necessary skills and core knowledge, a dependable candidate or applicant must know their ways around specific frameworks, such as Django, Flask, and CherryPy!

Factor #2: Familiarity with architecture and libraries

In the Python programming world, a crucial factor that sets the game-changers apart from the amateurs is the presence of a continuously-sharpened knowledge of the language’s architectures and libraries.

Key concepts, such as Object-Relational Mappers (ORM), multi-process architectures, and Model View Templates (MVT), have crucial roles in creating airtight, faster, and more efficient results. Before you’re sold on hiring a particular professional for your business’s needs, ensure that you keep this specific detail in mind to ensure that they’re fit to deliver top-notch work!

Factor #3: Communication skills

When you hire a Python programmer, it’s crucial to remember that the ability to communicate makes a world of difference between high-quality experiences and low-quality ones. 

Arguably the most crucial intrapersonal ability in the world of coding, communicational skills is essential for productive experiences because of how proactivity is critical in maintaining order. Whether it’s over a problem that comes up at 2 AM or a specific direction that needs to be executed, it’s essential that your chosen developer is easy to reach and always keeps you in the loop!


With the demand for Python programming skills becoming higher than ever, it’s easy to see why the roster of available options to work with for your business continues to stack up. This is essentially why it’s also crucial to choose the right professional for the job. Through the help of this guide, you can keep an eye on the most vital factors that any programmer must have so that you’re locked in for top-notch results!

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