Essential Aspects of Hiring Fintech Developers and Engineers

As software tools become a significant part of financial services, fintech developers are becoming the most in-demand workers in the industry. Financial institutions spend over $1 billion each year hiring these leaders, who can help find new financial products and services for clients.

However, finding a qualified and reliable candidate can be a challenge. Here are things you need to know to hire the best fintech developer for your business:

Fintech Developers Are Needed in Many Areas of Financial Services

Financial services are changing rapidly, requiring new types of roles with the goal of meeting clients’ needs. Candidates with the right skills can find employment in different areas of the industry, including financial planning, investment management, and compliance. These roles vary in terms of data, tools, and tasks, but each requires expertise with technology, including software applications and robotics.

Fintech Developers Have a Background in Engineering

It’s common to think of technology as a computer science major’s specialty, but the best candidates for fintech developer positions have a background in software engineering. Since this field is so new and constantly changing, it’s important to seek out candidates with skills that easily transfer to other areas of the financial services industry.

Fintech Developers Need a Passion for Building Solutions

Developers are responsible for building new software and tools, which can be an exciting task. For this reason, fintech developers need to enjoy their work since they’ll be building solutions, not just products. A good candidate will have an insatiable desire to build products to solve real problems.

Coding Skills Are Required

Whether it’s with Java or Python, most fintech developers are well-versed in coding languages. This skill is essential to building software that meets the needs of the industry. A good candidate will have a technical understanding of the fintech software they’re making and the ability to code it into reality.

A Diverse Skill Set and Experience Are Essential

Like other fields of technology, fintech developers are growing rapidly in demand. As a result, there’s a lot of competition for the best candidates. A good developer will have diverse skills, including software engineering, data visualization, computer science, and financial planning. A background in these areas shows the ideal candidate is a great problem solver and has a wide-ranging understanding of the financial services industry.

A Background in a Fast-Growing Industry Is a Plus

As with all jobs, the most in-demand candidates will have a background in the fastest-growing industry. In the last few years, fintech has been the fastest-growing industry in the world, which provides a competitive advantage for candidates with a background in this area.

The Right Tools Are Needed

Fintech developers need access to the right tools to build software. These tools can include Intranets, business intelligence software, source control software, and network monitoring applications. The ideal candidate will be familiar with these tools and be able to adapt to new tools as they’re introduced.

It’s Important to Have a Good Solution for Recruiting

The process of hiring a fintech developer can be long and arduous, taking several months to complete. Due to the intense demand for these roles, it’s essential to have a plan for recruiting, which can include posting positions online, working with recruiters, and networking at events.


Financial services companies need to consider certain factors to find the best candidate for a fintech developer role. Based on this data, it’s clear that a good candidate will have a diverse skill set, experience, and background in the growing industry.

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