The Benefits of Hiring Project-Based Creative Talent

A significant portion of a small agency workforce is freelancers, meaning that many agencies recognize a flexible staffing strategy’s benefits. This more stable talent pool includes freelancers that help agencies manage labor costs without sacrificing quality.

If you’re thinking of hiring creative talent, here’s why you should consider a project-based freelancer:

1) You’ll Have More Control Without the Long-Term Commitment

Let’s face it, sometimes project deadlines and scope creep can drive any creative talent crazy, but that doesn’t mean a creative team needs to work with every new project. That’s why project-based freelancers are a good fit.

Hiring a project-based freelancer reduces the risk of major burnout for both the freelancer and the agency. With this approach, you’ll have the flexibility to hire multiple freelancers that may only work on an individual project or a handful of projects in parallel. 

This will allow you to maintain a steady supply of creative talent and protect yourself from feelings of having to hire a full-time creative role.

2) You Can Scale Up Talent Without the Workforce

Regardless of the project, there are usually junctures where the agency owner or creative director must make important decisions that could affect the project’s direction and success. As such, you must have someone on your team who can make these decisions quickly while accounting for the client’s needs and ideas.

In most cases, a project-based freelancer can be more agile than a full-time creative team member. With a project-based freelancer, you can more easily scale up and down on the project’s demands without going through the lengthy hiring process.

3) Project-Based Freelancers Are More Flexible

Project-based freelancers are more flexible than full-time employees because they have more freedom to take on projects that may align with their personal beliefs or values. This is particularly true if they have a passion for social impact.

For example, many millennials have grown up using technology and platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share their ideas and causes. Because they use these platforms daily, millennials are more comfortable using technology (as well as being digitally native) than older generations.

As such, there’s an opportunity for agencies to hire millennials as project-based freelancers to help craft creative content for their apps or other digital marketing projects. Freelancers like this could help agencies support their younger customers and target millennial customers better.

4) There’s Less Long-Term Risk

Even though project-based freelancers don’t always have the same skills and experience as full-time employees, they commit to a project’s success. In this sense, they have more at risk than contractors who are more focused on the short-term. As such, you will have less long-term risk when hiring project-based freelancers.


No matter how you choose to grow your agency and recruit new talent, you must have the ability to recognize the best freelance talent for your business. Having the ability to use project-based freelancers is one way to increase the available talent without having to make a commitment.

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