The Interesting History of the Demand for Full-stack Developers

IT staffing requirements evolve as technology progresses. Often, new jobs are created to adapt to the modern advancements that the world is experiencing. But sometimes, jobs go in and out of vogue. 

Recently, more and more companies are looking to hire full-stack developers or professionals who understand the back-end and front-end aspects of product design.

The reemergence of this demand asks the question—why did the demand for the job rise and fall? This article aims to answer this question and more.

The Rise of the Full-Stack Developer

Before the creation of the web and mobile devices, computer programmers dealt with programming with ease. The minimal software layers between the programmer and the hardware meant that one person could build a program from start to finish. Technically, all developers during that time are full-stack developers.

The Boom of Full-Stack Development

The one-person program application and website development continued through the 2000s. Despite the prohibitively expensive development process in the mid-2000s, the simplified web 2.0 technological requirements continued to encourage full-stack development. 

The demand for full-stack developers peaked in the late 2000s. It is thanks to the move towards technological advancements and the ability to develop full consumer or SaaS sites, websites, and applications with relative ease.

The Decline in Demand for Full-Stack Development

As technology continued to advance, product development became more time-consuming and complex. The work for product development was split into front-end and back-end to make the process easier. 

The distribution of work later became divided into specializations. The rise of these two new developers meant the decline of people who focused on full-stack development. However, some companies still look for those who can handle both expertise.

The Reemergence of Full-Stack Development

The reemergence of the demand for full-stack developers may have stemmed from the need to maximize investments. As companies struggle to keep afloat, they find ways to make the most of their expenses. Hiring one full-stack developer to do the job of both front-end and back-end developers is beneficial.

Benefits of Hiring Full-Stack Developers

Some of the benefits of hiring a full-stack development include:

  • Promotes cost-effectiveness
  • Prevents miscommunication
  • Avoids creating knowledge silos
  • Increases efficiency in the development process
  • Availability of expert-level understanding of multiple technologies
  • Easy adaptability to AI-integration
  • Presence of employees who can identify and address AI issues
  • Bridges the gap between the front and back-end processes
  • Communicates well with different team members, including user experience designers

Finding the Right Full-Stack Developer

Finding the right candidate for this particular position can be challenging. You are looking for a person who must be competent in a long laundry list of skills that includes:

  • Front and back-end coding
  • Creation of a minimally viable product with little support
  • Expert-level understanding of various technologies
  • Basic comprehension of technologies that they do not specialize in


The rise and fall of full-stack developers is a reflection of the ever-evolving and changing technological landscape. As technology progresses, so does the existing job market.

Since full-stack developers are integral members of your development team, finding and hiring the right person for the job can be daunting. You have to look for a person who has the right set of skills, and they must fit with your existing team and your unique company environment. Working with an IT staffing firm can minimize the stress of finding the right candidate.

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