How Is Modern Technology Affecting Recruitment Procedures?

The recruitment industry is facing several updates and challenges from the newest generation of the workforce. Like any relationship, employee-employer interactions changed, depending on motivations and goals. Unlike past generations, late Millennials and Gen Z job applicants aren’t too focused on high-paying salaries. Investing in their self-growth through hobbies and even other job opportunities isn’t uncommon in the current job applicant pool. For this reason, employers need to adopt new ways to make their offers appealing enough for potential recruits.

Flexible work conditions and negotiable salaries are just some offers that an employer needs to bring to the table. Besides adjusting to modern employee-employer interactions, its operational practices are also due for a hardware upgrade.

Upgrading the recruitment industry

Before you can integrate your recruits into your business, they should first pass through your screening process. Hiring practices are continually evolving with the development of technology in different aspects, from curating digital application forms to performing seamless video conferencing online. These changes will be mandatory in the future as companies move toward a more modern workplace standard.

If you don’t want your company to look and feel outdated, here are four modern advancements you should incorporate into your recruitment processes.

1. Video interviews

Millennials and Gen Z job applicants feel like a clock is ticking on their lives, partly due to the existential fear of achieving a career goal at a specific age. For this reason, saving time is an important aspect of their lifestyles. Video interviews are becoming a more popular form of screening potential recruits since it saves time, travel expenses, and isn’t a hassle to plan. Additionally, this process allows you to open remote positions that wouldn’t have been possible without today’s accessibility to collaboration software.

2. AI-powered chatbots

The bigger your company is, the less likely you’ll have time to screen every email you get from job applicants. Thankfully, you can optimize the funneling process by giving your potential recruits all the tools they’ll need to apply for the job. Chatbots aren’t uncommon to eCommerce websites and other establishments that require booking and scheduling with sales reps.

These AI-powered tools effectively streamline a potential job candidate’s journey in applying for your company. A user can utilize chatbots to answer questions about the job and guide them through the entire process. Additionally, they can receive automated responses once they qualify for the next phase of your recruitment procedures.

3. Digital CVs

An applicant needs to prove their reliability and credibility by presenting a CV to their potential employer. This can spark creativity and individuality in showcasing their soft and hard skills, career history, and individual goals to a company. However, this can also lead to inconsistencies that are challenging to check or cross-reference.

Besides brands and celebrities, job applicants also need to have online visibility for potential job offers. This isn’t exclusive to people in the creatives industry that have portfolios of their past works. Platforms like LinkedIn and online recruitment pools allow employers to match with potential clients and vice-versa. These digital platforms can be a safe and reliable space where job opportunities will be more visible, benefiting local and remote workers.


The recruitment industry is continuously evolving, allowing businesses to focus on their growth by partnering with recruitment establishments. This is extremely beneficial to companies that need support in particular aspects like logistics, customer help desks, IT departments, and more.

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