How Outsourcing Helps Address IT Department Bloating

In today’s modern business landscape, having an IT department or team is imperative, as they oversee the installation and maintenance of a company’s computer network systems. However, one problem confronted by various companies is IT department bloating, which happens when there is an oversupply of workforce and resources that don’t add value to the company. This is where outsourcing IT services come into the picture.

In this article, we will share more about how outsourcing helps address IT department bloating:

What IT department bloating is

IT department bloating is simply an influx of IT resources, whether it is your team of specialists or software and hardware resources. Keep in mind that your IT department is a mini-empire in your company. This is why it’s best to have a unilateral decision on all your resources to avoid any excess that can add to your company’s expenses and compromise your network. 

Keep in mind that overstaffing and unnecessary physical and digital resources can negatively impact your business. This is why you must do what it takes to evaluate your existing IT department and make a critical decision on what resources to keep and what to dispose of.

What causes IT department bloating

When it comes to your IT team, your company may have hired some full-time specialists to compose your team. The problem typically starts when some have idle time and aren’t necessarily needed to perform certain tasks for your business. 

On the other hand, IT resources include the infrastructure, equipment, computer devices, and software or applications used to keep your business up and running. In this case, the problem is when some of these resources are no longer updated and optimized for your entire system, rendering them unusable.

How outsourcing IT services can help

The good news is that outsourcing IT services has recently become popular among businesses across the globe. Companies now tap the expertise and resources of an outsourced firm, whether on a regular or contract basis. Here are several IT services that you can use to your business’s advantage:

  • Network infrastructure: They will deploy all the resources of a network that make Internet connectivity, management, communication, and business operation possible for your company.
  • Hardware and software: They will install all devices and systems that enable computing and communication between users, services, applications, and processes.
  • Mobile device management: They will provide apps and manage mobile devices that your company needs.
  • Cloud-computing solutions: They will offer reliable digital solutions, such as web hosting, managed services, email security, and data backup, among many others.
  • Cybersecurity: They will provide robust security measures to protect your network or business from phishing attacks, malware, DDoS attacks, and brand abuses.
  • Remote IT staffing: They have a team of IT specialists who can help you, whether for troubleshooting or technical support.

What’s great about relying on outsourcing IT services is that you will be dealing with experts who have worked for years in the industry. These are people who have the knowledge, skills, and experiences in various aspects of Information Technology. They will also help you decide on a customized IT solution to avoid any excess resources and help you save up in the long run. Ultimately, outsourcing will help your company rise above the IT department bloating and help you succeed in the long run!


At this point, we’ve learned what IT department bloating is and how hiring an outsourced IT service can help. To that end, be sure to consider all the valuable information discussed above and only work with a highly reliable company that will bring out the best in your department and benefit your business!

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