How to Effectively Vet and Hire Promising IT Candidates – Our Guide

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, seemingly leaving smaller businesses behind. As the IT skill market continues to tighten, SMEs are taking on the challenge of recruitment. To maintain their competitive edge, startups are incorporating sophisticated technologies and programs with roles that need desperate filling. If you’re having trouble attracting the right IT candidates, here are four infallible methods for employing an effective IT staffing system. 

Method 1 – Narrow and Target Your Search

Most IT professionals will liken scouting candidates on job sites to a battle royale. Remember, you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of highly-equipped firms—you aren’t always likely to be the first pick of the bunch. 

Thus, you’re going to want to start vetting passive candidates with complementary skills. Amid today’s tumultuous market, employees prioritize job security and won’t likely abandon permanent roles to pursue a temporary contract offer. The act itself is challenging and may require the help of an IT staffing agency. 

Method 2 – Focus on Potential, Not Perfection

No one is perfect—that much is true. However, it doesn’t mean to belittle candidates who are less than ideal. No one individual will boast every skill you’re after. If you’ve been neglecting high-caliber candidates because they aren’t an all-in-one option, you’re likely putting too much pressure on your search. 

Don’t just zero in on skills—consider candidates that will positively contribute to your work culture and demonstrate soft skills that can improve your team’s overall performance. Whatever you feel an applicant is lacking might be something they can train for in the future. 

Remember, learning is a perpetual process that doesn’t end when you walk up the stage and receive your diploma. The same principle applies to those part of your hiring process.

Method 3 – Think Outside of the Box

Asking a prospect why they want to work for you and what makes them stand out is a tired interview model. While necessary, consider asking questions that will better reveal who they are and their innovation potential. Ask: 

  • Name a once-successful company that is now defunct. What do you believe went wrong, and how could they have performed better?
  • How do you adapt to changes within the industry?
  • What about your current role excites you the most?
  • Outline a successful project that you were a part of. 
  • Discuss your ideal company culture and workplace environment that you thrive in. 

Method 4 – Always Prepare for the Future

As technology solutions advance, there isn’t much sign of them slowing down. If your business relies on top IT skills, vet candidates for the long haul. Future-proof your tech team by prioritizing innovation and one’s ability to grow. By nurturing prospects for the long run, they become more likely to contribute effectively to scaling your business up. 

At Technical Paradigm, we understand that technology is no longer “nice to have” but a must for success. Our IT staffing solutions are adaptable, timely, and cost-effective. When it comes to the IT market, time is of the essence, and recruiters are ready to take the weight off your shoulders. Get in touch now to find out more!

Your Success is Our Success

Building a company primed for growth means staffing it with skilled and reliable team members. Time is crucial in the highly competitive IT talent market, which is why it’s a good idea to leave the task of searching, testing, vetting, and interviewing candidates to us. In doing so, you’ll get to focus on what genuinely matters—running your business to the best of your ability.
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