How to Recruit and Retain the Best Tech Applicants

Today, IT and tech professionals are more than aware of their value to companies, so much so that they tend to be on the lookout for other opportunities even after securing a coveted slot. There’s so much opportunity that it’s difficult to tune it out, especially when talent knows they could be climbing larger ladders elsewhere. It poses an even more challenging task for recruiters responsible for sourcing candidates that will join the company and stay for the long term. 

How, then, can you recruit and retain the best tech applicants with IT staffing agencies, given the high turnover rates so prevalent in this industry? Here are some of the best tips on getting and keeping your new hires. 

Engage Candidates Effectively When Sourcing

Engagement doesn’t just matter in marketing strategies for different industries. It also applies to your candidates. With so many options in front of them, talent might start to feel as though they are nothing more than costly commodities in a job market that needs tech solutions. They want to feel that their value extends beyond their skills, which is why your company needs to work with IT staffing services that know how to meet candidates where they are. 

By being present where most talent thrives and then, later on, immersing them in communities of practice where they can interact with resources and experts in trending specialties such as cybersecurity and cloud technologies, you are engaging them more effectively. 

Be a Technical Recruiter

Recruiters who are comfortable with technology and have a good grasp of the latest developments in the IT and tech industries will attract talent more effectively than those recruiting with outdated methods. Take advantage of AI applications that can predict the likelihood of an applicant leaving the job in the first year based on their social media postings. 

Live in the forums and communities where technical professionals frequent and post quality content that will matter to them, such as industry updates or informational articles. Developing your technical literacy or working with strategic IT staffing partners who possess this advantage will put you ahead of the curve when looking for the right candidates. 

Connect with Candidates

Successful IT staffing isn’t all about the hard skills that the candidates can offer and yet everything to do with building strong relationships with applicants that clearly communicates how invested you are in their future. Employers can offer perks like free training and development for technical certifications, and information about this benefit can be coursed through their staffing agency. 

For companies and tech recruiters, this could include keeping candidates that didn’t get employed as part of an alumni network where learning opportunities are still offered if other opportunities open in the future. 


Recruiting for the IT and tech industry is a challenging endeavor for recruiters, requiring specific skills to hire and retain the very best candidates. Keeping them engaged and attracted throughout the entire recruitment and onboarding process is key. To ensure that your recruiters have the proper qualifications to effectively source for this kind of talent, working with IT staffing agencies might be your best option. This way, in-house recruitment can focus on finding quality candidates for other roles while professionals cover your IT requirements with a niche skillset. This ensures more effective recruitment for valuable talent that you can count on to stay. 

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