An Easy Guide on How to Source Good Fintech Talent

Finance and technology aren’t strangers to each other as both help lift the other no matter the industry. Technological advances have helped optimize financial services to the best of their abilities, but this doesn’t exclude the possibility of a few bumps on the road.

Fintech professionals are critical to have in your company to troubleshoot and continuously improve the financial technology you have, especially in a time when financial establishments are on a playing ground that’s evened out for startups and newer businesses that are well-equipped.

There’s only a small pool of such talent, making it a challenge to attract and source Fintech experts. Here are some tips that will help you find good Fintech talent:

Advertise What You Can Offer

Like how employees show in their application what they can offer to a company, employers have to do the same. Fintech talent can have many enterprises to choose from, so you have to ask yourself and answer what you can provide to that professional that others can’t.

Evaluating your employer value proposition and your company’s work conditions might make you realized that you need to adjust and improve your EVP to appeal to FinTech talent. Research what they are searching for in a company and try to emulate such an image in order to signal to a Fintech expert that your workplace is the best for them.

Make Recruitment Easy

There’s nothing more frustrating than a complicated recruitment process. It can give off the impression that your company doesn’t care about punctuality or other people’s time. It’s time to shift that and optimize your recruitment cycle.

Be sure to iron out those issues and make recruitment easy for your Fintech specialist applicants. There are recruitment agencies that make sending in applications and scheduling an interview much more hassle-free. Speeding up the process is best for both the employer and potential employee.

Create Ideal Company Culture

Having a company culture that employees can be proud of and share can help you source interested fintech talent who already has knowledge of your enterprise. They will think highly of your workplace if the company culture is exciting and welcoming to them. 

One thing fintech talents like to see in a company is the possibility of flexible and remote work. If your company can open it for some specific positions where it’s applicable, it can be a catalyst for a fintech professional’s final decision on where they’ll bring their skill set. 

Prepare A Retention Plan

Having an employee retention plan doesn’t have to start after hiring. Instilling amenities and having growth opportunities available can help improve the workplace even more for fintech talent and existing employees who are working in the same branch. 

Improve the technology when you deem it necessary and fit to help out employees. In addition to excellent working conditions, you’ll be keeping everyone satisfied while on the job and showcase care towards your workers. 


Adopting these tips can make quite the difference in drawing out great Fintech talent and enticing them to apply for the role. Not only will you get the best specialists on your team but company image is improved for the better.

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