How to Write a Good Job Advertisement: Tips & What to Avoid

If you are ready to expand your team, finding the right person for the job may be difficult. Attracting the right people to apply and then picking out the most qualified one from the bunch takes time, effort, and skill. The whole process starts with creating a good advertisement for the position to get the word out there that you need someone.

However, this may sometimes be easier said than done. Here are some of the common mistakes that companies make when constructing their job advert.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your job Advertisement

1 – Putting An Unclear Job Title

This is the first thing that potential applicants will see in your advertisement. Whether they see it online or through other media, putting an unclear job title is one of the most common mistakes. Also, it is not a good idea to put very colorful job titles that are not commonly heard of. Don’t invent a new name for a job title that already exists. 

2 – Vague Wording And Descriptions

Next, being vague and unclear about the job description can also put people off. Using hard-to-understand phrases and cliches will make people question whether the job post is real or not. 

3 – Non-Specific List Of Duties

Another mistake is not being specific about what is expected of an employee once they are hired for the job. How will a candidate decide whether they want to apply for a job if they do not fully understand what the job details are?

4 – Unprofessional Closing Statement

The closing statement includes the call to action on how applicants can send their resumes in. Some companies make the mistake of putting a personal email instead of a company address. However, using a personal email will scream unprofessionalism and will make potential applicants wonder whether the job post is a scam. This may prevent some of the best people from applying.

Details A Good Job Description Should Have

Now that you have an idea of the things you should avoid when constructing your job post, here are a few aspects that a good job advertisement will have. 

1 – A Specific Job Title

Be specific about the job title. Applicants may be searching online for jobs, so putting a specific job title will allow your job advertisement to be searchable. By using a job title that is fairly common, most qualified applicants will have an idea of what the job is about from just reading the job title alone.

2 – A Brief Background Of The Company

It is a good idea to include the background of the company. It will give applicants an idea of what the working environment is like. You may also want to include any special work benefits that come with the job to entice more applicants.

3 – The Main Job Description

The main job description should be a clear message about what you expect from the role. Their duties, responsibilities, and other aspects of the job should all be listed here. If there are any hazards that accompany the job, these should also be explicitly stated here to give the applicants a clear picture of the job you are offering.

4 – The Application Process

You may also want to include the job application process. Who will be doing the interview? What will the next steps be? Will the applicants have to prepare any kind of documents? You may list all of this relevant information as you relay the job application process.

5 – A Closing Statement

A good closing statement with a professional email attached to it will be a great way to close your job advertisement. 


Following these guidelines to making a proper job advertisement will ensure your inbox is full of applications in no time. Keep in mind that having the right kind of job post will attract the kind of workers you want to work for you. Strategic IT staffing is the key to getting all the right people in place in your company.

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