Interesting Facts About Remote Work That May Surprise You

The global pandemic has undoubtedly changed what the world perceives as normal. From doing business to socializing with friends and family, communities around the globe have become heavily dependent on electronic devices and software to live a somewhat functional and enjoyable life despite the limitations brought about by these uncertain and unique times.

Although people have long been heavy on internet use, the global pandemic turned things up a notch, accelerating the digital transformation within different sectors of society and shifting consumer behavior. No matter who or where you are, you’re not safe from the impact of the pandemic!

Today, the world is slowly trying to revert to the normal we once knew thanks to the rollout of vaccines and man’s adaptability and resilience, but let’s face it—some things won’t revert to the way things used to be. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that the way we work will be forever changed, even after we’ve overcome the pandemic.

The Remote Work Revolution

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that remote work is the future. Back then, it would have sounded preposterous to do anything from the comfort of your home but lounge around, but now, anything is possible! 

With the pandemic limiting physical contact, more companies have realized the advantages of working from home, permanently transforming the work culture of various organizations across the globe. Employers and their teams had quite a rocky start, but it’s now working well for many companies.

Interesting Remote Work Facts

If you think you know everything there is to know about remote work, you’re wrong! While plenty of statistics and studies have shown how much remote work has evolved over the years, there’s still a lot to uncover. Just read on below to learn a few facts about remote work.

1. Remote Work Knows No Age

Ageism has long been an issue in the workplace. Once you reach a certain age, employers may treat you differently—you may even get fired and not be hired because you’re older than your co-workers.

Well, with remote work, you don’t need to worry about how old you are because anyone of any age can work from home! With half of remote workers aged 45 years old and older, it proves that you can explore countless job opportunities online.

2. You Can Retain Top Talent

Keeping the best people in your company isn’t always easy because they could have a number of reasons why they have to leave. 

With remote work, you have a greater chance of keeping the brightest employees when they can’t decide whether to relocate or not. When you give them this kind of option, they’ll be more inclined to stay in your company and serve your organization for the years to come.

3. A More Diverse Workforce

The best thing about having a work-from-home option is that you can widen your pool of candidates. Instead of being limited by your geographical location, you’ll be able to interview several hopefuls from different countries that may be the perfect fit for the role. Who knows, the right person may be living in a country on the other side of the world!


Remote work has forever changed the workplace, breaking boundaries, promoting inclusivity, and creating possibilities. As long as you have the proper work practices, collaborate with a reputable IT staffing agency, and adapt to the unconventional work environment, your company will thrive and grow!

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