Interview Preparation for IT and Tech Roles

Talent in the IT field is one of the most in-demand across industries. Different businesses are continuously finding that they need individuals well-versed in tech to keep up with the requirements of rapidly changing work environments. In the U.S., there were up to 4.6 million postings for IT and tech-related jobs, and the competition continues to skyrocket as the demand grows. 

Since new employers are continuously seeking out new talent from this field, gaining the right qualifications and skills, as well as applying to various opportunities would be very advantageous for you. As different startups and larger corporations prepare to screen applicants during the peak of the hiring season, making sure that you are prepared for interviews is key!

Here are some ways that you can best prepare for an interview with IT staffing companies near you:

Understand the Job You’re Applying For

IT staffing agencies that recruit for businesses see dozens of applicants daily, and they go through hundreds of resumes to select the most qualified applicants. Increasing your chances of getting an interview is in part due to how well you fit the job in the first place.

When you go through to the interviewing stage, knowing about the company and the job you’re applying for will show the initial interviewers and the company’s hiring manager that you’re an excellent candidate. Many staffing companies will often mark down your score if you’re unable to show your understanding of the role, especially given that tech companies readily post about their mission, vision, culture, and projects online!

Prepare Your Resume

Your resume is what will land you those interviews, so ensure that the copy you send out has thoroughly been updated. Aside from that, check whether you are detailed yet succinct in your resume, especially on the IT and tech projects you’ve accomplished, projects you contributed to, and your general responsibilities in previous roles. 

Include all the pertinent data in your CV; anything omitted will be raised during the interview, such as gaps in working or a more detailed explanation of your previous work. Remember to stay clear, concise, and straight to the point!

Do Not Neglect Your Soft Skills

When applying for an IT role, it might make more sense to focus on your hard skills. However, strategic IT staffing includes screening for applicants that demonstrate soft skills. These recruiters know that what sets a good employee apart from an average one is his or her ability to navigate the workplace in addition to their hard IT skills. 

Communication and collaboration are examples of soft skills that will allow you to set yourself apart from other applicants who all have the same certifications and training that you do. 

Prepare for Possible Coding Interviews

While you may or may not be asked to demonstrate your coding ability, how you solve coding problems will come up during your interview. 

Coding interviews are specialized interviews that allow candidates to show how they solve complex problems on the spot. They’re also great indicators of an applicant’s soft skills, demonstrated by how he or she decides to approach the problem. 

Being prepared for these types of questions will allow you to nail your interview and possibly land that job. 

Present Your Best Self

Though it might sound cliché, this advice can make or break the impression you have upon your interviewers and assessors. Being your best self will allow companies to see the personality beyond your qualifications. 

More than hiring someone who is skilled, organizations want someone who fits their culture. You may have the same credentials as another applicant, but betting your best foot forward can make all the difference. 


Preparing for an IT or tech interview doesn’t differ that much from other roles, but being extra prepared is a must because of the high competition in the industry. Knowing the basics of applying, interviewing, and being assessed for a role will help many applicants go a long way. You’ll find that it doesn’t take much to set yourself apart, but the little steps and effort you take to stand out can make all the difference for IT staffers and hiring managers who are looking for their next employee. 

Here at Technical Paradigm, we offer IT staffing solutions to supply IT roles for both startups and larger companies in the US. Whether your business is hiring or you’re currently job hunting, we make the process easier for you! Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.

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