4 Jobs IT Talents Can Look Forward to Fill In 2021

With a massive drop in employment brought upon by the pandemic, many IT talents may be worried that their skills will no longer be put into good use. Fortunately, this isn’t the case! More and more companies are opening up to the digital world. Even new businesses have started with the digital world set in their eyes. As such, the need for IT professionals to ensure the survival and success of these companies only means that the demand is going up. Plus, with the growth of technology, more and more businesses are simply going to rely on technology one way or the other.

That being said, what jobs can you expect as an IT talent in 2021? Here are few job opportunities open to you:

1. Data Scientists

One of the highest paying jobs you can expect from the IT industry is being a data scientist. These professionals deal with data, analyzing it, implementing machine learning techniques, and more to help businesses create sound, smart decisions. If you are interested in becoming a data scientist, then expect to learn deep learning concepts and a foundation of programming and data-extracting languages.

2. Full-Stack Developer

Full-stack developers enjoy plenty of love on their end, given lots of packages that are quite profitable. These developers will be the ones that work closely with clients during planning to ensure the success of the project. If you are planning to become a full-stack developer, expect to learn programming languages like Python, Java, HTML, and the likes. Also, you will need to be well-versed with MySQL and other types of databases.

3. Cloud Computing Experts

More and more companies are relying on cloud computing services to access to run their operations. Everything from cloud-enabled software to apps is commonly used nowadays, and not using the cloud simply means being at a disadvantage. As a result, companies will open up plenty of positions for cloud experts, offering jobs for cloud architects, engineers, and more. If you are looking forward to being employed in one of these jobs, expect to learn cloud technologies and architectural practices, along with experience in DevOps, Microsoft Azure, or any of the likes.

4. Mobile Application Developer

With many companies offering mobile services and doing business on mobile platforms, the demand for experts to design such mobile applications will be at an all-time high. To become a mobile developer, you will need to be well-versed in either iOS, Android, or Windows. You will also need strong knowledge in UX design, JavaScript, XML, and all the application-development-related skills.


Apart from the positions above, you as an IT talent have many other opportunities to look out for, such as being an AI professional, an information security expert, a DevOps engineer, and more! The list goes on and on, and with the world becoming more technologically reliant, there won’t be a drought of IT jobs. That being said, take the time to understand exactly what kind of IT job you want to do and take the time to learn all the skills and knowledge to do the job well! This way, you can become a priceless IT professional for the company you work for, securing your professional life in this volatile world.

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