Need More IT Staff? Here’s How to Convince Management

Many businesses need a solid IT team to streamline their operations and make tasks more efficient, but it can be difficult to convince management. After all, their job is to make sure that teams produce the most output for the least amount of money, so any proposal that involves spending resources will be a tough sell. 

Even though you have anecdotal evidence that your projects aren’t gaining enough momentum or people are struggling to do their work due to operational constraints, that may not be enough to convince management. Your team may be well aware of all the work that’s slipping through the cracks, and you can supply that as evidence, but managers would want to see hard, solid proof that more IT staff is the answer to your problem. Here’s how to do just that:

Make a Case

CEOs are concerned about the company’s bottom line and ensuring they don’t have to spend more than necessary to get results. Illustrating the issue and deeming the solution as hiring someone won’t convince them. In fact, it might even make you sound lazy.

To avoid this, you’ll have to make a case by demonstrating the issue’s effects on the business. Show management that your solution will ensure that critical projects are completed more efficiently and without errors, helping departments directly contribute to revenue generation.

Do Your Research

Another way to convince management to hire more IT staff is to show how much return on investment you’ll get. They’ll want to make sure that spending thousands of dollars hiring more IT specialists will bring the company even more profit. If you frame your proposal as needing to spend a little to make a lot of money in return, management will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.

Additionally, you’ll have to justify it in terms of dollars to speak your managers’ language. In this situation, demonstrate how much the opportunity cost and lack of productivity are costing the business and how hiring more IT staff can boost revenue and efficiency. You’ll also want to map out the return on investment and timeframe for it.

Proving the Problem

Part of making your case is showing solid proof that there’s a problem in the first place. The best way to do this is to document it, such as recording the time it takes employees to perform a specific task. Then, create a correlation between the delays in the project and these tasks. Show how a new resource will allow team members to work more efficiently and produce better results. Then draw a connection between the extra work time that hiring more IT specialists will offer the team and the increased profits it will generate.

In short, you should:

  1. Detail the difficulties your current undersized team is experiencing, the bottlenecks, and the tasks that are on the backburner since not enough people can work on them.
  2. Elaborate on how these setbacks are hurting the company.
  3. Explain how hiring more IT specialists will address these problems, boost efficiency in the medium to long term, and result in profits that far surpass the costs of hiring these people.

Ask For Help

To strengthen your case, you’ll want to work with other departments and find out how more IT staff can help them meet their goals. They can help you round out your case, especially when business teams request more resources. They can also argue effectively about the benefits of adding more IT staff to the company, which will convince management and take some of the pressure off you and your team.

Work With an IT Jobs Staffing Agency

Finally, to show management how serious you are about your case, research IT staffing companies that can connect you to the best IT specialists around. The less management has to do, the better. Getting experts to look for top talent will persuade your company’s executives even more, especially when they’re confident about the results you promise them.


Appealing to management often seems like jumping over endless hurdles, especially when they don’t understand how IT can help everyone do their jobs more efficiently. However, by thinking like an executive and speaking their language by making a case, you’ll successfully convince them to hire more IT professionals.

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